Bronco Navigate


Bronco Navigate is an interactive tool designed to help students succeed and enhance the Bronco experience for everyone! Check out how Bronco Navigate serves our key FSU demographics!


Bronco Navigate is an online student success tool powered by EAB, an education technology company. Bronco Navigate has two separate components:

Image of student & faculty features of Bronco Navigate

Why are we using Bronco Navigate at Fayetteville State University?

Bronco Navigate will enhance and simplify both our staff and student experience at Fayetteville State University. For example, Bronco Navigate makes it easier for advisors to review student records, keep notes, and send messages, notifications and reminders. Students will be able easily manage many aspects of their campus experience!

Bronco Navigate will help to better coordinate and connect the work of advisors, major advisors, faculty, staff and tutors. This service is designed to enhance the Fayetteville State University experience & student outcomes by linking coordinated care networks, as well as giving students easier access to advising, resources and services.

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