The MBA@FayState program offers a number of foundation courses to lay the groundwork for professional success when an applicant does not have a background in business. The requirement for foundation courses will be determined during the admissions process.

Foundation Courses 

BADM 530 Principles of Business Statistics

This course introduces the foundation of probability and statistics used in management and covers the basics of data analysis and display, descriptive measures, random variables, and probability distributions and then introduces statistical inference and its use in decision-making. The course seeks application-oriented understanding regression analysis and develops the ability to design, estimate, evaluate, and interpret statistical models.

Credits: 3

ECON 540 Fundamentals of Economics

This course explores the application of microeconomic theory to management decisions and examines the consequences of macroeconomic policies upon businesses in the global marketplace.

Credits: 3

ACCT 550 Principles of Accounting

This course provides a background in both the concepts and practice of accounting that assist management in the decision making process. Contemporary accounting scandals in financial reporting and statement analysis are examined, as well as the proper use of product costing in planning and controlling operations, and special reports and analysis.

Credits: 3

FINC 560 Foundations of Finance

This course surveys the fundamental financial concepts and principles including the role of the financial manager, valuation models, basic risk and returns concepts, and capital budgeting, capital structure theory, dividend policy, working capital management, and financial planning and control.

Prerequisite: ACCT 550 Or equivalent
Credits: 3

MKTG 570 Fundamentals of Marketing

This course is designed to introduce students to the fundamental concepts of marketing and focuses upon the factors that influence managerial strategies and decisions for marketing their product or services, which include consumer and organization buyer behavior, marketing research, product decision, services marketing, promotion, pricing, and distribution. Additionally, the course examines marketing in the international, electronic, and non-profit sectors and seeks to sensitize students to the legal and ethical consequences of marketing decisions.

Prerequisite: ECON 540 Or equivalent
Credits: 3

Applicants with bachelor's degree in non-business business area of study or professional background are also able to obtain a Graduate Certificate in Business by completing all of the foundation courses with a GPA of 3.0 or better.