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Dr. Bradley S. Mills

Assistant Professor of Special Education

Brad Mills is an Assistant Professor and Special Education Program Coordinator in the Department of Early Childhood, Elementary, Middle Grades, Reading and Specialized Subjects. He earned a Bachelor of Arts in Secondary Education: Social Studies from West Virginia Wesleyan College; a master’s degree in Multi-Categorical Special Education from Fairmont State University; and a doctorate in Curriculum and Instruction with an emphasis is Special Education from North Carolina State University.

Most recently, Dr. Mills was a Behavior Support Teacher and Special Education Department Chair at Cary High School. He has worked as a special education teacher for 12 years and also worked as an Adjunct Professor at North Carolina State University. His current research focus in students with behavior and emotional disabilities, graduation for students with disabilities, and effective strategies for students with ADHD.

His research interests focus on investigating strategies to support students with emotional disabilities, graduation of students with disabilities, strategies for students with ADHD, and teacher preparation.


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Funded Grants

Holder, A. (Principal), Mills, B. S. (Principal), “Fayetteville State University Reading Clinic and Harnett Outreach,” Sponsored by Anonymous Trust, Fayetteville State University, $95,841.00. (August 1, 2022-August 1, 2023).

Holder, A. (Principal), Mills, B. S. (Principal), “Fayetteville State University Reading Clinic (FSURC),” Sponsored by ChildTrust, Fayetteville State Unversity, $45,365.00. (May 1, 2022- May 1, 2023).

Holder, A. (Principal), Mills, B. S. (Principal), "Hackley Research Professional Development Grant," Sponsored by Fayetteville State University, Fayetteville State University, $1,000.00. (August 2020 - August 2021).

Mills, B. (Principal), Holder, A. (Co-Principal), "Exploring the Integration of Data Analysis and Technical Writing in Education Courses," Sponsored by Fayetteville State University, Fayetteville State University, $3,000.00. (March 31, 2021 - December 31, 2021).