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Dr. Tanya Hudson

Chair - Associate Professor

Dr. Tanya Hudson is an Associate Professor in the Early Childhood, Elementary, Middle Grades, Reading and Special Education Department, where she also serves as Interim Chair in the College of Education at Fayetteville State University. She began her tenure journey at FSU in the Fall of 2014. Her teaching philosophy is grounded in the tenets of culturally responsive pedagogy which makes connections between students' cultural backgrounds to academic knowledge to ensure that all student voices are heard and valued. Specifically, she explores research in areas of technology; culturally relevant pedagogy, social justice and develops connections to embed these facets in mathematics. She has published many articles in peer reviewed journals but one of her most impactful publications was "The Gloria Ladson Billings Reader" that was expected to be showcased at the 2020 AERA Annual Meeting (April 2020). She has made presentations at over 10 peer reviewed conferences, but the most significant was facilitating the Afrocentric Institute July 3-5, 2019 in Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada. Her work on culturally relevant pedagogy was accepted by the Executive Director of the African Canadian Service Branch, Dr. Marlene Ruck Simmons after having an opportunity to witness her engagement with a cohort of youth through a Skype presentation.

She has served as Assistant Chair for three years prior to being named Interim Chair of her department. She is an active member on numerous department and College level committees. She participates in many University programs and serves in multiple capacities; currently she serves as the Chair of the Faculty Development Committee 6.5 for SACSCOC. She believes and supports the initiatives promoted by the university, College of Education, public schools, and community. She has many partnerships with our local Elementary Schools that invite her Methods students back every year to facilitate science experiments for their students and the local community.   She has had the opportunity of receiving many honors at FSU. In her first year she received the Wynton H Hadley Excellence in Teaching Award nominated by her students. In that same year she was also selected as Advisor of The Year 2015. Since that time, she has received certificates of appreciation for her service to Bronco Star, selected for developing an Outstanding Online Course Design Award and Teacher of the Year for her department and College in 2018. 

Honors & Awards

o   Teacher of the Year 2018 College of Education
o   Teacher of The Year 2018 Department of Elementary Education  
o   Outstanding Online Course Design Award for EDUC 330 (2017)  
o   Advisor of The Year Office of the Provost and Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs (2015)  
o   Wynton H Hadley Excellence In Teaching Award School of Education (2015)

Research Interests

o   Mathematics Education
o   Technology
o   Culturally Relevant Pedagogy
o   Social Justice


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Presentations & Workshops

Hudson, T. M. (Panelist), Hoffman Miller, P. (Panelist), Pitre, A. (Panelist), Smith, J. (Panelist), Tanner, T. (Panelist), 2020 AERA Annual Meeting / The Power and Possibilities for the Public Good When Researchers and Organizational Stakeholders Collaborate, "Developing a Social Justice Framework for Partnering with Schools," American Educational Research Associate (AERA), San Francisco, California. (April 20, 2020).

Hudson, T. (Presenter & Author), 44th Annual Conference National Council for Black Studies, "An Afrocentric Approach to Mathematics," National Council for Black Studies, Atlanta, Georgia. (March 13, 2020).  

Hudson, T. (Presenter & Author), 49th Annual State Math Conference, "An Afrocentric Approach to Elementary Mathematics," North Carolina Council for Teachers of Mathematics, Greensboro, North Carolina. (November 8, 2019).  

Hudson, T. (Moderator), Afrocentric Math Cohort Summer Institute 2019, "Summer Institute 2019," Nova Scotia Education and Early Childhood Development, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada. (July 5, 2019).  

Hudson, T. (Presenter & Author), April 2019 Accreditation Community Session: GoReact  Lunch and Learn, "GoReact: Video Feedback to  Support Clinical Field Experience," NC Department of Public Instruction, Fayetteville State University. (April 4, 2019).  

Lanier, M., Wooten, C., Hudson, T. (2017). Raising the Bar: At Risk Prevention for Urban Students in Middle School Math and Science Classrooms. Savannah, GA: National Youth At Risk Conference 2017.  

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