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Dr. Tyrone Jones

Lecturer - Assistant Football Coach.

Dr. Tyrone Jones is a Lecturer for the Department of Health, Physical and Secondary Education and an Assistant Coach with the Broncos football program.

 Dr. Tyrone Jones received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Physical Education from Chowan University, Master of Science in Sport Administration from Eastern New Mexico University, and his Ph.D. in Education Leadership from Fayetteville State University.  

Dr. Jones has worked at Fayetteville State University since 2014 and teaches physical education courses.  

As someone constantly looking for opportunities for professional development, Dr. Jones has participated in the NFL/NCAA Coaches Academy as well as coached in the FCS Senior Scout Bowl (North Team) and the DIII Senior Classic.  Dr. Jones is also a member of the American Football Coaches Association (AFCA) and the North Carolina High School Coaches Association (NCHSCA).

Courses Taught


HEED 112 - Health and Wellness

PEDU 122 - Volleyball

PEDU 130 - Basketball

PEDU 215 - Target & Invasion Games

PEDU 321 - Early Childhood Physical Education K-6

PEDU 361 - Sports Officiating

SPTM 301 - Sports Governance