College of Education Support Units

Office of Teacher Education

The mission of the Office of Teacher Education is to enhance the goals of the teacher education programs in the College of Education, and the College of Arts & Sciences. This office initiates, monitors, and implements policies and practices of the University and ensures compliance with state, regional, and national guidelines and regulations. The Office of Teacher Education coordinates the teacher preparation programs with respect to field experiences, admission to teacher education, admission to clinical experience, clinical experience assignments, and licensure.

Office of School Services

The purpose of the Office of School Services at Fayetteville State University is to coordinate and encourage service to the public schools. The office maintains an inventory of campus resources that may be of service to the public schools through technical assistance or research initiatives. The Office of School Services also disseminates to school districts information on campus resources, receives requests for assistance from school districts, and directs the requests to the appropriate campus resource.

The College of Education Advisement and Recruitment Center

The College of Education Academic Advisement and Retention Center (COEARC) is designed to promote fundamental advisement to undergraduate students who are admitted to Fayetteville State University with an interest in pursuing a degree in an area of teacher education. The COEARC helps to ease the transition for students by providing continual guidance and support to freshmen and transfer students. Students contact this office prior to registering for advisement and academic guidance.

The Early Childhood Learning Center

The Early Childhood Learning Center (ECLC) is a child development and early childhood education center serving children from six (6) weeks through five years of age, is under the direction of the College of Education. It was established in the Fall of 1970 to provide early childhood education majors an opportunity to become familiar with young children and their characteristics. The Early Childhood Learning Center also has as one of its goals to provide a learning environment that will help young children develop to their maximum potential physically, intellectually, socially and emotionally.

The Curriculum Learning Resource Lab

The Curriculum Learning Resource Laboratory serves as a supportive unit service to undergraduate and graduate students in the College of Education, and is committed to providing and enhancing learning experiences for students. Additionally, it supplements classroom instruction by providing opportunities for students and teachers to use audio/visual and teacher made resources in classroom settings. The Curriculum Laboratory staff will provide resources to improve the pedagogical skills of students who will need assistance. The service will be offered free of charge to the Teacher Education major and may include tuition-free coursework, supervision and consultation.