Chemistry, Bachelor of Science (B.S.)

You will be prepared as a chemistry major for professional careers as chemists, either upon graduation or after graduate study in chemistry or related fields. In addition, the chemistry degree may serve as a basis for a wide range of career choices outside of chemistry, including but not limited to: materials science, medicine and other healthcare related occupations, pharmacology, secondary school teaching, environmental science, and patent law.

Why choose Chemistry?

As a central discipline, chemistry is critical for making significant positive impacts on human life. Chemistry is critical to solving today's issues such as faster and cheaper drug development, cleaner and more economical fuel sources, safer air and drinking water, biotechnology to improve health and food sources, and green industrial processes to prevent pollution. A chemistry degree can lead you to fascinating and high-paying careers where you can create new drugs, new materials, new technologies, new theories, new policies, or new businesses. Billion-dollar industries such as pharmaceuticals, electronics, household and personal care products hire chemists in quality assurance, technical sales, research project management, and many other positions.

Our chemistry curriculum provides broad and comprehensive training in all areas of modern chemistry, including coursework in the major sub-disciplines of chemistry: organic, inorganic, physical, biological, and analytical.

Shivaliben "Shivali" Patel

a Chemistry major

Shivaliben "Shivali" Patel, a Chemistry major, served as Chancellor for a Day on February 3, 2016. Shivali stated that she "strives to be the best representative for FSU, whether it is on campus by doing research with professors as an LSAMP scholar, or off-campus serving as a tutor at the Fayetteville Urban Ministry." She feels that as Chancellor for a Day she will learn more about administrative processes as well as other things, which would make her a better and more successful person. Always striving for excellence, she has been on the Chancellor's Honors List each semester.

You may choose one of the following 5 (five) concentrations:

General Chemistry Concentration

General Chemistry Track prepares students for graduate school in chemistry (or related fields) or a career in the chemical industry.

4-Year Plan for General Chemistry Concentration (PDF).

Faculty Coordinator(s) for General Chemistry Concentration: Dr. Shubo Han and Dr. Bidisha Bose-Basu.

Academic Advisor: Ms. Andrea Bennett.

Chemistry Entrepreneurship Concentration

The Chemistry Entrepreneurship Concentration is intended for students who wish to pursue the fields of chemistry and business; it contains a solid foundation in chemistry and an introduction to business and entrepreneurship coursework.

4-Year Plan for Chemistry Entrepreneurship Concentration (PDF).

Faculty Coordinator(s) for Chemistry Entrepreneurship Concentration: Dr. Jonathan Breitzer.

Professional Academic Advisor: Ms. Andrea Bennett.

Materials Science Concentration

The Materials Science Concentration is ideal for students interested in the growing field of nanotechnology and materials on all scales; it prepares students for a variety of graduate programs in engineering, industry, and related fields.

4-Year Plan for Materials Science Concentration (PDF).

Faculty Coordinator(s) for Materials Science Concentration: Dr. Zhiping Luo.

Professional Academic Advisor: Ms. Andrea Bennett.

Pre-Pharmacy Concentration

The Pre-Pharmacy Concentration is designed to prepare students for success in professional pharmacy degree programs.

4-Year Plan for Pre-Pharmacy Concentration (PDF).

Faculty Coordinator(s) for Pre-Pharmacy Concentration: Dr. Daniel Autrey and Dr. Ali Siamaki.

Professional Academic Advisor: Ms. Andrea Bennett.

Pre-Health Concentration

The Pre-Health Concentration gives students the foundation they need for careers in medicine, dentistry, optometry, physical therapy, physician's assistant, veterinary medicine, and other health-related careers. 

4-Year Plan for Pre-Health Concentration (PDF).

Faculty Coordinator(s) for Pre-Health Concentration: Dr. Subir Nagdas and Dr. Ali Siamaki.

Professional Academic Advisor: Ms. Andrea Bennett.