Studio Classroom for Scale-up active learning

SCALE-UP is a teaching method that gets away from the traditional lecture style classroom and puts the student at the center of their own learning experience. No longer do students sit idly in at separate desks trying to stay awake while a professor writes on a board. Students are actively engaged in problem solving exercises from the moment they walk in until the moment they leave the classroom. In our classroom the students work closely with peers in small groups at round tables instead of regimented facing an instructor.

Students receive most instructional material outside of the classroom as videos, podcasts, and reading assignments. In class they focus on the material that traditionally would be given as "homework." This flipped method allows students to practice problem solving strategies under the guidance of peer Undergraduate Learning Assistants (ULA) and a faculty member.

Undergraduate Research

If you are interested in going to a graduate or professional school...... the most important thing you can do, besides being successful in your classes, is become involved early in undergraduate research. Graduate schools, as well as many professional schools, strongly value students who have spent one or more years working on a research project with a faculty member.

How do I learn about which faculty member's research might interest me?
How do I approach a faculty member about doing research in his or her group?
What are the benefits of Undergraduate Research for me?

Jobs, Summer Research Experience, Internships, Co-ops...

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FSU Scholarship Opportunities:

  • Kleiss Chemistry Scholarship
  • Learning Assistantship in the Department of Chemistry and Physics
  • McNair ProgramRISE Program
  • Valeria Fleming STEM Scholarship

Materials Science Scholarship

  • NSF PREM Scholarship
  • NSF EIR Scholarship
  • DoD Scholarship

American Chemical Society Student Chapter

The Fayetteville State University Student Chapter of the American Chemical Society is an organization that allows students interested in the chemical sciences to broaden their understanding and experience with the chemical industry. The Chapter seeks to help students develop academically and professionally, as well as give students a friendly and comfortable social environment to collaborate with fellow chemical science majors.

Chapter activities include:

  • Community Services
  • Service to FSU
  • STEM Promotion
  • Professional Development

The students of the ACS Chapter help represent the Department of Chemistry and Physics. Our goal is to promote STEM education, make it accessible to everyone, and to ignite curiosity and imagination through chemistry.