Quality Science Education (Minor)

Quality Science Education Minor

The College of Health, Science and Technology is partnering with Pathway for Patient Health, to offer a minor in Quality Science that will help you prepare for a career in life science industries, particularly in the pharmaceutical and biomedical sciences sectors. A Quality Scientist ensures a product is suitable for its intended purpose and increases the reliability and integrity of products. Obtaining a minor in Quality Science Education makes you eligible to participate in Pathway’s Exclusive Hiring Platform!

This program is open to students of all classifications, as well as non-STEM majors.

Choose one of the following options:

The first industry course will be offered Fall 2021. If you are interested, please enroll NOW Special Problems 7121 BIOL 430-V46 - Global Regulatory & Legal Framework

Option A (STEM) Option B (non-STEM) cr.
BIOL 150 - Principles of Biology I BIOL 111-General Biology I 3
BIOL 150L - Principles of Biology I Lab BIOL 111L-General Biology I Lab 1
BIOL 330 - Microbiology & Immunology BIOL 255-Principles of Microbiology 3
BIOL 330L - Microbiology & Immunology Lab BIOL 255L-Principles of Microbiology Lab 1
Additional Required courses
ACCT 211 - Principles of Accounting I 3
BIOL 430 - Special Problems: Global Regulatory & Legal Framework Quality 3
BTCH 450 - Problems in Biotechnology: Product Development, Specifications, Process & Validation 3
BTCH 410 - Biotechnology Seminar: Risk & Failure Analysis 3
Biol 499 - Senior Capstone Experience [Internship] 4

Apply to Fayetteville State University then enroll in the Quality Science Education Minor for Fall 2021.