Dr. Guanghua Zhao

Dr. Guanghua Zhao

   Associate Professor in Mathematics

   Office:  Science & Technology 222

   Phone: (910) 672-1500

   Email: gzhao@uncfsu.edu

   Personal Homepage: http://faculty.uncfsu.edu/gzhao/


Dr. Zhao received a PhD degree in Mathematics from Wayne State University and a master degree in Computer Science from North Carolina State University, Dr Zhao has taught at Fayetteville State University since 1990. His hobbies include traveling and listening to music.


MATH 121 Introduction to College Algebra
MATH 123 College Algebra
MATH 124 Trigonometry
MATH 129 Precalculus Mathematics I
MATH 130 Precalculus Mathematics II
MATH 131 Algebra and Trigonometry
MATH 140 Applied Calculus
MATH 142 Calculus w/ Anal Geom I
MATH 241 Calculus w/ Anal Geom II
MATH 242 Calculus w/ Anal Geom III
MATH 250 Discrete Mathematics II
MATH 331 Differential Equations
MATH 412 Advanced Calculus
MATH 492 Complex Variables
MATH 507 Linear Algebra I
MATH 521 Real Analysis I
MATH 541 Complex Analysis I
MATH 611 Linear Algebra II
MATH 621 Real Analysis II
MATH 641 Complex Analysis II
MATH 651 Functional Analysis


Banach Algebras, C*-Algebras, Operator Theory, Harmonic Analysis, Numerical Analysis, Parallel Computing


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