Clubs and Organizations


Model United Nations

Students who join Model United Nations engage in activities that help them gain a better understanding of international diplomacy and international
. Students attend an annual conference, organized by the North Carolina Consortium for International and Intercultural Education (NCCIIE) to
compete against other universities. In preparation for the conference, student delegates are assigned to committees where they gather information about
assigned countries and issues related to the selected countries. Students then prepare working papers on the topics and draft resolutions based on the topics
for competition. Ultimately, students work diplomatically with delegates representing other nations to have resolutions passed.

Student delegates learn the following and/or acquire the following skills:

  • Knowledge and facts about assigned countries, committees, and specific topics
  • Negotiation and diplomatic skills
  • New insights into different global cultures
  • Establishment of valuable social connections for academic discourse, intellectual stimulation, and professional and career development.
  • Public speaking/debate skills
  • Federal government job opportunities
  • Scholarships-Bacon House DACOR
  • Information about the National Geo-Spatial Intelligence Agency and its job opportunities
  • Paid internships by the National GeoIntelligence Agency
  • Social and academic networking opportunities for students

The Sociology Club

The Sociology Club exposes students to information and skills they would not learn in the classroom. Students are also exposed to information, opportunities, and professional skills that help them understand ways to actualize the full potential of their degree. The Club also invites guest speakers from various community agencies to discuss the role of sociologists in meeting the mission of various agencies. Students enjoy participating in civic engagement activities that make a difference in the community.

Alpha Kappa Delta (Honor Society)

Alpha Kappa Delta (AKD) is the International Sociology Society for this discipline. We have an FSU chapter of Alpha Kappa Delta, Xi of North Carolina on campus. Alpha Kappa Delta strives to acknowledge and promote excellence in the scholarship in the study of sociology, the research of social problems, and such other social and intellectual activities as will lead to improvement in the human condition.

Membership is open to undergraduate students, graduate students, and faculty members who meet the minimum standards. Induction into Alpha Kappa Delta is by invitation only and occurs once a year in the spring semester. There are leadership and community service opportunities associated with AKD.