Educational Programs

The Tuition Waiver Program allows eligible employees to take up to 3 courses per academic year as defined in the tuition waiver policy. Law enforcement officers, excluding student employees who are working as partā€time law enforcement officers, may enroll in an unlimited number of courses per year. Eligible employees remain responsible for contacting their attending institution and specific program to determine if a waiver is allowed for your enrolled course and/or program. It is at the discretion of the attending institution and program as to whether they will accept tuition waiver for any or all courses.

Fall 2024 Tuition Waiver Process

Required Application Forms:

Participating employees must submit both the Tuition Waiver as well as the Checklist for Taxability of Educational Assistance forms.

Tuition Waiver

Make sure that the CRN and course title fields are accurately completed with the details available during the course registration process.

Route the completed Tuition Waiver Application, for signatures via Adobe Sign.

Signature routing should be in the following order:

* Your signature

* Your supervisor

* Your department chair or department head

* The Benefits Service Center (

Checklist for Taxability of Educational Assistance

Make sure to include all course titles and CRNs applicable to the academic term you are submitting an applicable Tuition Waiver for.

Route the completed Taxability Checklist for signatures via Adobe Sign.

Signature routing should be in the following order:

* Your signature

* Your supervisor (only if answered yes to questions 4 and/or 5)

* The Benefits Service Center (

Important Waiver Reminders:

Completing a Tuition Waiver form WILL NOT enroll you in a course. Employees remain responsible for contacting the Registrar’s Office at the enrolling institution for information about the course registration process.

The Tuition Waiver Application must be completed and in the Adobe Sign signature queue for by 4:00pm on the deadline date for the semester of enrollment. 

*Tuition Waiver Applications will not be accepted for late registration*.

After approval by the Benefits Service Center staff, your approved waiver application will be returned to you. Employees remain responsible for submitting their approved Tuition Waivers to the appropriate enrolling institution’s designated office for payment processing.  

FSU employees enrolled in courses at FSU must submit the approved Tuition Waiver to Student Accounts/ Third Party Billing.

(**NOTE: This site provides information on Education Program Benefits for Fayetteville State University (FSU) permanent employees. Non-FSU employees must adhere to their own employing institution's policy for guidance on application and payment assistance.**