Housing Services

The facilities team in Housing and Residence Life is responsible for ensuring all residential environments are safe, secure, and well maintained. Most requests are handled in 24 to 48 hours with the exception of the most challenging situations. To check of the status of your request contact the Facilities Customer Service Team (FM411) at 910-672-2411 or facilities411@uncfsu.edu 

STUDENTS: In the event of a maintenance emergency, please contact your HALL STAFF (RA, ARD, RD) IMMEDIATELY. If this is an emergency AFTER regular business hours (8am to 11PM) or on the weekend, please contact your HALL STAFF (RA, ARD, or RD on duty) IMMEDIATELY. Emergencies can include but are not limited to: flooding, safety issues, security issues/broken door locks, power outages, no hot water, no A/C, or no heat.


Housekeepers are responsible for routine cleaning of all public areas to include hallways, corridors, lounges, stairwells, and shared public restrooms. No housekeeping services are provided for private rooms or apartments.


Housing Maintenance
Our housing maintenance team works in and around the residence halls performing general and preventative maintenance tasks. We have staff on-call for urgent maintenance emergencies.


When reporting a maintenance issue
You are giving FSU staff permission to enter your room/apartment in order to address the issue reported. Your repair request will be assigned to the appropriate trades person. When the individual arrives, they will announce themselves by knocking and saying “Maintenance”. If there is no response the technician will knock three times again announcing themselves before entering. All Facilities Management employees are required to wear uniforms and carry a Bronco ID.

If the room is unoccupied after services have been performed the technician will leave behind a door hanger. The door hanger will inform you of the status of your service request.


Broken doors/locks
Broken doors and locks can pose a safety issue for your community and your room. Report issues to the Facilities Customer Service Center (FM411) between 8:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m. weekdays at 910-672-2411 or the Resident Advisor on call after hours.


Mold and Mildew Prevention/Information
Mold and mildew are naturally occurring and can be found almost anywhere. Most molds grow naturally outdoors, like other allergens, and can be easily brought into buildings through open windows and doors, ventilation and air conditioning systems, clothing, or shoes. Although most people have little to no reaction to household molds, some people who suffer from asthma or have other allergies may be more sensitive. Thus, personal susceptibility plays a major factor in the severity of symptoms experienced from mold exposures. As with any medical concern, always seek the advice of Campus Health or your medical provider.

If you see or suspect mold, immediately call or SUBMIT A WORK ORDER . Please make sure to share all relevant location information and a staff member trained to identify and assess mold will inspect the area in question.