Top Careers and Skills

General Post-Graduate Career Success Factors

Employers Tell Us:

  • They assume students have the requisite content knowledge if they completed a degree program with a good GPA.
  • Cultural fit is a key differentiator - the confident mindset, attitude, behaviors to proactively adapt and succeed - Also known as emotional intelligence.
  • Many applicatns come up short regarding "fit"

Other key requirements:

  • Internship expereince or similar high impact experiential learning
  • Critical thinking - ability to assess challenges, research alternatives, and recommend solutions responsive to organizational needs.
  • Communication - written and oral - including ability to "tell their story" in a cogent manner
  • Collaboration ability
  • Passionate desire to contribute to organizational success, including willingness to take initiative and go beyond minimum requirements
  • Appropriate humility - understanding what they don't know, and desire to learn and grow.
Below are charts listing job openings for specialized majors. If you are unable to read the charts, please contact Career Services for alternative methods of viewing.

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