Wound Recovery Material

"An ideal dressing material should not only accelerate wound healing but also reduce the loss of proteins, electrolytes and fluid from the wound, and help to minimize pain and infection." - Dr. Carla Padilla

Padilla is a Compliance and Export Control Officer in the Office of Sponsored Research. She invented ViVex-Cel Advanced Wound Recovery Device, a topical device to facilitate wound recovery. It's a one-piece patch that expedites wound treatment and recovery. Any topical solution can be place on the inside of the patch and it keeps the wound moist instead of drying out.

With this invention, Padilla and student Chibu Umerah, chemistry major at FSU, won third place at the International iMatSci-Innovation in Materials Science Competition at the Materials Research Society Fall Meeting in Boston, MA.

The iMatSci-innovation Competition is designed to demonstrate the newest materials-focused technologies in practical applications. There were two phases to the competition and out of all of the international applicants only 26 finalists were allowed to demonstrate their inventions at the MRS meeting. Finalists included entrants from the US, Ireland, Korea, Mexico, France and Brazil. First place was awarded to Johns Hopkins University for Middle-Ear Implant Sensor for Hearing Restoration Applications. Second Place was awarded to Harvard University for SEPIA Displays. FSU won third place for its ViVex-Cel Advanced Wound Recovery Device.