Office of Institutional Effectiveness, Research, and Planning (IERP)

Mission Statement

The Office of Institutional Effectiveness, Research, and Planning (OIERP) supports the University's mission, values, and core commitments by providing effective and innovative leadership in the areas of assessment, data analysis, and accreditation. The Office is responsible for collecting, analyzing, and reporting on information about the institution in order to make data informed decisions and meet federal and accrediting mandates. The Office also exams, investigates, and disseminates research findings as related to student success, institutional learning outcomes, and higher education constructs. The overarching goal of OIERP is to ensure educational quality and data integrity with a focus on student success, student learning, institutional sustainability.

Office Goals
  • Enhance institutional effectiveness through strategic planning and institutional assessment.
  • Analyze institutional and other data to support University planning, management, operation, evaluation, and decision making.
  • Coordinate external reporting of institutional statistics to state and federal agencies, accrediting agencies, non-profit associations and other organizations.
  • Conduct environmental scans to provide contextual information for strategic planning purposes.
  • Manage data by creating and maintaining a data warehouse containing longitudinal information on applicants, enrolled students, alumni, academic programs, instruction and personnel.
  • Consult with departments, programs, and schools from start to finish on research projects to ensure legitimacy and rigor of data.
  • Guide and facilitate the process of reaffirmation of accreditation.
Meet the IERP Team

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