FSU's 30/60/90 Graduate On Time Initiative


You can do it.
We can help.

30 Take 30 Credit Hours and Become a Sophomore

60Take 60 Credit Hours and Become a Junior

90Take 90 Credit Hours and Become a Senior

120Take 120 Credit Hours and GRADUATE!

Most degrees at FSU require 120 credit hours. There are milestones in place to help you graduate on time, reduce your financial obligations, and then move on to live your dream.

To graduate on time, we encourage students to take 15 hours a semester. Once you have accumulated 30 credit hours, you’ll become a sophomore. Once you’ve accumulated 60 credit hours, you’ll become a junior, Once you’ve accumulated 90 credit hours, you’ll become a senior. Then, with 120 hours, you’ll graduate!

With life’s challenges, and especially as you’ve attended college during a pandemic, we know it can be hard to stay on track. We’re here to help. Explore these resources:

Academic Advisors

Your advisor will help you plan your course schedule and link you to resources to help you succeed. Meet with your advisor prior to registering to make sure the courses you sign up to take are the courses you need for your degree. After you consult with your advisor, register for courses quickly to ensure you get the course you need.

Bronco Navigate

Bronco Navigate is an online student success tool. Download the App.

Free Summer School

Free Summer School can help you catch up on the credit hours you need or get ahead.

The Learning Center

Take advantage of tutoring and other student support services.

Bronco One Stop

Visit Bronco One Stop for advising and assistance with business services.