General Business Administration (B.S.)

If you enjoy the professionalism and high-powered nature of the business, then you are likely to be considering a business degree as a stepping stone.

Why Choose a degree in General Business Administration?

A B.S. in Business Administration with a Concentration in General Business offers you a quality education and flexibility in choosing subjects towards your business major with a concentration in General Business. The courses can also prepare you for the next step of graduate school.

Based on your career plans, you may choose a selection from following classes:

  • Business ethics
  • Strategic planning
  • Business communication
  • Principles of Accounting I and II
  • Management
  • Finance
  • Microeconomics

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What Will You Learn in Business Administration?

As a student working towards graduating with a General Business Administration degree you will take required and elective courses that will help you to learn following business techniques:

  • Basic marketing techniques
  • Analyze a business's strengths and weaknesses
  • Negotiating business contracts and terms
  • Fundamental accounting concepts
  • Management and Entrepreneurship concepts

What Can You Do With a Business Administration Degree?

After receiving your degree you will be prepared to pursue a variety of positions in fields like sales and marketing, financial services, management, and more.

Jobs with General Business Major

With a major in Business Administration with Concentration in General Business, you may work as:

  • Personal Financial Adviser
  • Administrative Management
  • Sales Manager
  • Human Resources Manager
  • Public Relations Specialist 
  • Marketing Assitant and Specialist 
  • Financial Officer 
  • Commercial Loan Officer