Center for Economic Education

Our Mission

The declared mission of the Center for Economic Education is to institute a broad based community education program to promote economic literacy primarily in Southeastern region of North Carolina. The Center marshals resources of the University and local community to (a) identify economics education needs in public schools; (b) conduct productive and meaningful programs to fill those needs; and (c) provide leadership, guidance, consultation and economic education resource materials.

Our Goal

Our goal is establish a well planned effective economic education program in every community in Southeastern North Carolina to graduate from high school students who have the ability, competence and confidence to make informed economic choices in their respective roles as consumers, producers, employers, employees, borrowers, lenders, savers, investors, and, above all, as voters. In this important endeavor, the Center in not alone. The Center is affiliated with the National Council on Economic Education and the North Carolina Council on Economic Education.


Major services delivered by the Center for Economic Education are:

  • We work with the Council for Economic Education and the NC Council of Economic Education (NCCEE) to develop and distribute unique field-tested materials for use in the classroom.
  • We provide professional development and NC financial literacy training through workshops, seminars and university-based courses for secondary and primary school teachers at no cost to teachers or schools.
  • We participate in NCCEE sponsored statewide academic and standards-based competitions that foster interest in economics and financial literacy and enhance the learning experience.
  • We work with policymakers as advocates for economic education and financial literacy initiatives in the public schools in conjunction with NCCEE.
  • We work with the NC Department of Public Instruction to distribute standards-based curriculum at no cost to teachers or schools.
  • We have partnered with the College Access Program at Fayetteville State University to conduct workshops for High School and Middle School Students at 21st Century Learning Centers, the Saturday Academy for Upward Bound Math and Science, the Saturday Academy for Upward Bound.
  • Summer Financial Literacy Camp in partnership with the College Access Programs at Fayetteville State University.
Programs, Training, and Events

The GeoCache for College Cash event, in which students have the opportunity to compete for cash prizes by demonstrating their understanding of personal finance concepts through an innovative quiz was held on April 25, 2018 on the ground floor of CBE Building. 

The next GeoCache for College Cash event will be on Wednesday, April 24, 2019 on the ground floor of BCBE Lobby. You will need a smartphone to enter this game.

GeoCache Flyer