Chemistry (Minor)

You will be prepared as a chemistry major for professional careers as chemists, either upon graduation or after graduate study in chemistry or related fields. In addition, the chemistry degree may serve as a basis for a wide range of career choices outside of chemistry, including but not limited to: materials science, medicine and other healthcare related occupations, pharmacology, secondary school teaching, environmental science, and patent law.

Why choose Chemistry as a minor?

As a central discipline, chemistry is critical for making significant positive impacts on human life. Chemistry is critical to solving today's issues such as faster and cheaper drug development, cleaner and more economical fuel sources, safer air and drinking water, biotechnology to improve health and food sources, and green industrial processes to prevent pollution.A career in health, energy, environment, agriculture, food, and governments considers a chemistry minor desirable. Our chemistry curriculum provides broad and comprehensive training in all areas of modern chemistry, including coursework in the major sub-disciplines of chemistry: organic, inorganic, physical, biological, and analytical.