Chinese Language and Culture (Minor)

Chinese is the language with the highest number of native speakers in the world, and the Chinese economy is the second largest, and fastest growing, economy in the world.

Why Choose the Chinese Language and Culture Minor?

The Chinese language and culture are spoken and practiced today by more than one billion people. The majority of these people in China have managed to turn their economy into one of the fastest growing economies in the world. China and the United States have become involved with each other more than ever in cooperation as well as competition on the world stage. A Minor in Chinese language and culture will not only prepare our students to have a better understanding of the Chinese society, the Chinese people and their long history, but more importantly will offer them a competitive edge in an ever-globalized job market and world economy.

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UNC Language Exchange: In an effort to expand language offerings for our students, the Department of Communication, Languages and Cultures maintains an active partnership with the UNC Language Exchange.  Through The Language Exchange students may choose from a number of available language courses from any of the participating universities in the UNC System.  For a list of offerings, click here.

What Will You Learn?

In the Chinese minor program, students will learn one of the most ancient living languages-the beautiful Chinese characters and the pleasant four-toned sounds of Chinese words. They will learn how to read, write and speak the language. In the program, students will also learn famous Chinese writers, poets, film directors and their famous works, and in doing so, they will learn the basic cultural values and cultural logic at work in China today. After completing the program, students are expected to communicate smoothly and successfully with Chinese people in both conversation and written exchange, to read Chinese newspaper and websites, and to watch Chinese movies and TVs.

What Will You Do?

Combining a minor in Chinese language and culture with a major in another area (such as business, education, engineering, arts and sciences) will uniquely prepare our students to enjoy new opportunities and meet new challenges. The minor in Chinese language and culture will make our students eligible for jobs in government, foreign services, communication services, business, international law, education, agriculture, trade, science and technologies.

  • Dr. Hongbing Zhang
  • Prof. Huiqing Qu
  • Elementary Chinese
  • Intermediate Chinese
  • Advanced Chinese
  • Classical Chinese Literature
  • Modern Chinese Language
  • Cinema and Contemporary China

Jobs available to students minoring in Chinese include:

  • government jobs
  • foreign service
  • communication services
  • business
  • international law
  • education
  • trade
  • science & technology