CLC Student Organizations

The Department of Communication, Languages, and Cultures (CLC) is dedicated to providing a high-quality education to its students. Our goal is to inspire high-level thinking, research, and creative work by employing effective instructional strategies and state-of-the-art technology. CLC is an award-winning department with award-winning faculty. We specialize in teaching a wide range of communication and language courses, focusing on hands-on experiences and professional training for our approximately 150 student majors. The Department oversees state-of-the-art facilities, including the student newspaper, radio station, a TV studio, and modern production computer labs.

Bronco iRadio

Bronco-iRadio (Since 2010) is designed to integrate the student into practical hands-on operation of a radio station. As a student operator or community volunteer, one will be able to involve yourself in numerous station activities from live remotes to fundraisers to all aspects of station operation, news, sports and programming, radio production, promotion and public affairs. The station is an internet operated station, designed specifically as an educational experience. Students and volunteers will learn the skills, techniques and discipline necessary to enter the professional radio field.

The Voice

The Voice (Since 1946; Reestablished 2010)

The Voice is FSU's student newspaper that offers all students at FSU an opportunity to learn techniques in print and electronic journalism. Students can work in advertising, editing, newswriting, layout, photography, management, as well as other support areas. Those who work consistently and productively with The Voice will be prepared to work at a local or regional newspaper or other print/electronic news outlet.

Bronco TV

Bronco TV (Reestablished 2013)

Bronco Television is an on-campus television station that uses the university closed-circuit broadcast system. Its primary purpose is to serve as a laboratory for Communication students and majors. Its secondary purpose is to provide news programming, entertainment, and educational content to the FSU campus community. Students will learn all aspects of TV production, including on-air standards and etiquette, board and camera operation, safety procedures, equipment handling and maintenance, post-production, and team management.

Honors Society

Spanish Honors Society/Sigma Delta Pi - Upsilon Theta Chapter (Established 1998)

The purpose of the Fayetteville State Chapter of the Spanish Honor Society is to (1) honor those who attain excellence in the study of the Spanish language and in the study of the literature and culture of the Spanish-speaking peoples; (2) honor those who have made the Hispanic contributions to modern culture better known in the English-speaking world; (3) encourage college and university students to acquire a greater interest in and a deeper understanding of Hispanic culture; (4) foster friendly relations and mutual respect between the Hispanic-speaking nations and those of English-speaking nations; and (5)serve its membership in ways which will contribute to the attainment of the goals and ideals of the society.

Hispanic Club

Hispanic Club (Established 2009)

The purpose of the Fayetteville State University Hispanic Club is to (1) promote the use of the Spanish language among native and second language learning speakers; (2) promote knowledge of the Hispanic culture; and (3) provide the opportunity to increase campus and community knowledge of the Spanish speaking world. We strive to enrich our student body, faculty, and staff with the Spanish language as well as the culture of the countries in which Spanish is the principal language, through a variety of social activities, both formal and informal.

  • Dr. Eugenie Almeida
  • Dr. Timothy Ajani
  • Dr. Timothy Buckner
  • Dr. Jose Franco-Rodriguez
  • Prof. Deirdre Hawkins
  • Dr. Todd Frobish
  • Dr. Lenora Hayes
  • Dr. Alanna Miller
  • Prof. Joseph Ross
  • Dr. Hongbing Zhang
  • Dr. Alexandru Stana
  • Karen Andrews
  • Ray Thomas
  • Amy Justice
Part Time Faculty
  • Prof. Jose Cruz
  • Prof. Roselyn Drew
  • Prof. Darlene Johnson
  • Prof. Maria Lorenzo-Alonso
  • Prof. Susan Paschal
  • Prof. Huiqing Qu

Some of the courses that we offer include:

  • Introduction to Communication
  • Introduction to Mass Communication
  • Fundamentals of Journalism
  • Film & Video Appreciation
  • PR and Advertising
  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Magazine and Feature Writing
  • Health Communication
  • Communication Theory
  • Intercultural Communication
  • Organizational Communication
  • Communication Research
  • Elementary Spanish
  • Intermediate Spanish
  • Advanced Spanish Conversation & Culture
  • Advanced Spanish Grammar
  • Elementary Chinese
  • Intermediate Chinese
  • Advanced Chinese
  • Elementary French
  • Intermediate French

There is a wide range of jobs available for communication majors, including:

  • National and local TV writers and producers
  • News photographers
  • Journalists for print, electronic, and online publications
  • PR and advertising specialists
  • Crisis consultants
  • Health communication consultants
  • Event and meeting management
  • Social media coordinators
  • Community relations professionals
  • Human resources
  • Speechwriters
  • Educators

Students majoring in Spanish are prepared for many professions, including:

  • Translator
  • Court interpreter
  • Cross-cultural trainer
  • Educator
  • Foreign correspondent
  • Foreign embassy staff
  • Foreign news editor
  • Immigration officer
  • International business
  • Linguist
  • Museum curator
  • Travel agent
  • Intelligence specialist