Spanish (BA)

We will help prepare you to work in a globally connected world by teaching not only the Spanish language, but how to effectively communicate in another language and across cultures.

As the world becomes smaller and the number of Spanish speakers around the globe increases exponentially (currently over 400 million people in over 21 countries).

Why Choose Spanish?

Having a functional knowledge of Spanish language and culture not only expands your horizons, but it can increase your marketability in today's competitive global economy. In fact, your ease at navigating a foreign environment can help increase your productivity on the job. The importance of Spanish in international politics and business is undisputed, and it is one of the official languages of countless international organizations and institutions, such as the United Nations and the European Union.

Furthermore, studying another language will help you improve your knowledge of English grammar and vocabulary, it increases your cognitive and verbal skills and it prepares you to interact successfully with people of different cultures in an increasingly interconnected world.

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UNC Language Exchange: In an effort to expand language offerings for our students, the Department of Communication, Languages and Cultures maintains an active partnership with the UNC Language Exchange.  Through The Language Exchange students may choose from a number of available language courses from any of the participating universities in the UNC System.  For a list of offerings, click here.

What Will You Learn?

In Spanish courses at Fayetteville State University you will learn to Discriminate and articulate Spanish sounds, interact orally understanding the speaker and being able to respond to her/him effectively in real life situations which include foundational knowledge, application, integration; i.e., meeting and greeting others, telling the time and talking about the calendar and dates, describing people and objects, talking about academic life, expressing desires and preferences. And, as you advance through the program, the development of your linguistic abilities will enable you to perform more challenging tasks. You will also focus on the development of effective writing skills in Spanish, enabling you to initially compose 75-word essays and eventually producing lengthier written products. Finally, you can learn about the different elements of the Spanish speaking cultures allowing you to compare and contrast your own culture with Spanish-speaking cultures.

What Will You Do?

Some of the careers that could await you as a Spanish major are...

  • Bilingual Educator
  • Bilingual Health Care Provider
  • Law Enforcement Officer
  • International Relations Consultant
  • Foreign Exchange Trade
  • Publishing specialist
  • Foreign Correspondent
  • Importer / Exporter
  • Translator / Interpreter
  • International Account Manager
  • International Banking Manager
  • Bilingual Customer Service
  • Cultural Affairs Coordinator
  • Travel Agent
  • Immigration Officer
  • National Security Agent
  • Cultural Attaché
  • UNESCO Official
  • FBI or CIA agent
  • Foreign Diplomat Missionary
  • Foreign Service Office

Students majoring in Spanish are prepared for many professions, including:

  • Translator
  • Court interpreter
  • Cross-cultural trainer
  • Educator
  • Foreign correspondent
  • Foreign embassy staff
  • Foreign news editor
  • Immigration officer
  • International business
  • Linguist
  • Museum curator
  • Travel agent
  • Intelligence specialist
  • Dr. Timothy Buckner
  • Dr. Jose Franco-Rodriguez
  • Dr. Lenora Hayes
  • Karen Andrews
  • Ray Thomas
  • Amy Justice
Part Time Faculty
  • Prof. Jose Cruz
  • Prof. Maria Lorenzo-Alonso
  • Prof. Ana Solle
  • Prof. Mónica Mayville
  • Prof. Camoosha Bell