Visual Arts (BA)

The Visual Arts area offers baccalaureate programs in the visual arts and art education! Students can choose concentrations to develop their expertise in ceramics, digital arts, painting, printmaking, and sculpture.

The Visual Art Program Mission Statement:

The Visual Art Program facilitates 21st-century skills: creative and analytic thinking, collaborations, and communication in written, spoken, and visual language. Visual art programs interface traditional methods and practices, technology, new media, and self-reflection for students to be successful and competitive in an art career.

Participants who want to share their skills with K-12 students may enter our teacher preparation program. We use innovative, hands-on methods to stimulate creativity, problem-solving, and critical thinking in our students.

Why choose Visual Arts

Our faculty members are highly qualified, each possessing the terminal degree (Master of Fine Arts or Doctor of Philosophy) in their area of expertise. Students and faculty participate in local, national, and international art shows, including many sponsored in the Rosenthal Art Gallery on campus.

Joanna Ali's, photo "Obstruction"

Photography student, Joanna Ali's, photo "Obstruction" was accepted into the show "Artisan Series" in San Fransisco. The exhibit was judged by entrepreneur and entertainment giant Russel Simmons.

What Will You Learn?

  • Demonstrate synthesis of instructional design by devising lesson and unit plans appropriate to the learners' correct level of difficulty.
  • Demonstrate effective application of multiple assessment procedures.
  • Demonstrate synthesis of instructional design by devising lessons and/or projects that integrate content knowledge, global awareness, and interdisciplinary approaches.
  • Demonstrate effective pedagogical practice in the classroom (Student teaching).
  • Demonstrate application and analysis of content knowledge.

What Will You Do?

Graduates of our programs have pursued graduate work at venerated institutions (including Parsons The New School for Design), garnered national awards for artwork, and earned honors as Teacher of the Year.

Rosenthal Art Gallery

The Rosenthal Art Gallery is committed to providing FSU students, faculty, staff and the Fayetteville community with excellence in the arts, and an awareness that pivotal and life-changing experiences can occur for individuals through the introduction to and participation in the arts. Its goal is to encourage and excite a wider population to appreciate, learn, and participate in the arts by presenting the highest quality exhibition program of original works possible.

Visual Arts Faculty

Sondra Martin

Professor, Printmaking

Kyle Harding

Adjunct Lecturer, Visual Arts

Dexter Morrill

Adjunct Lecturer, Visual Arts

Kaela Nommay

Adjunct Lecturer, Visual Arts

Vickie Rhoda

Lecturer, Art Education

Dwight Smith

Assistant Professor, Painting

Skylor Swann

Adjunct/Assistant Professor, Ceramics

Jonathan Chestnut

Professor, Digital Art