New Student Orientation

A Zoom meeting will be held from 10am to 12pm on each of the scheduled New Student Orientation days.

Important E-mails & Websites

Office of Scholarships & Financial Aid: Website &

Office of Student Accounts: Website &amp

Student Health Services: Website &

Office of the Registrar: Website &

Housing & Residence Life: Website

Transfer & Early College Students: Consult the Advisement information page to find an advisor.

On-Campus Map for Parking

New Student Orientation Agenda

What is New Student Orientation?

New Student Orientation is a full one-day orientation for first-time freshmen, transfer, and early college students that provides you with information and acquaintances that will help you take the right first steps with Fayetteville State University.  At New Student Orientation, you will meet current students, faculty and staff members; complete placement testing; engage with the Orientation Leaders, learn more about campus resources, and meet with university faculty members to ensure you are registered for courses for the upcoming semester.  By the time you leave the university for the day, you will have a completed course schedule for your first semester, secured your housing assignment, and completed all pre-entry tasks listed under the "My To-Do List" column in Broncoville. 

Representatives from various campus resources will be available to assist you throughout the day. New Student Orientation is designed exclusively for students who have been admitted to Fayetteville State University.  The program is required for all first-time freshmen and is strongly recommended for transfer students.  To help us prepare for your participation in New Student Orientation, it is important for you to register for the date that best fits your schedule.  

How do I Register for New Student Orientation?

Admitted students have several ways to register for New Student Orientation:

Click here to access BRONCOVILLE for a New Student Orientation Registration form. 

You will receive periodic e-mails with the subject heading "New Student Orientation Invitation." These messages will include links to the registration sites for each date.   If you have been admitted and have not received a New Student Orientation Invitation, or if you have questions, contact one of the offices below:

First-Time Freshmen: University College (910) 672-1032

Transfer Students: Consult the Advisement information page to find an advisor.

If you have not yet applied for admission, or if you have questions about the status of your application for admission, contact the Admissions Office (910) 672-1371 or toll-free 800-222-2594. 

How do I Prepare for New Student Orientation?

There are many steps to enrolling with the university, and our commitment is to provide you with the information you need to be successful. To access your FSU Student Account and begin your journey, follow the steps and links provided below:  

1.   Access your FSU Student Account. Your FSU Student Account allows you to use email, financial aid, billing, and other important FSU related tools:

a.     At the bottom of the page, use the Banner ID (Your Banner ID can be found on your acceptance letter) and last name to access your username and set a password. 

2.   Complete your Broncoville Portal "To-do List". Broncoville is the web portal you used to complete your FSU application:

a.  Go to your dashboard.

b.  Check your "My To-Do List" and complete the following if applicable: 

  • Sign-Up for New Student Orientation                         
  • Complete Housing Application (if living on campus)   
  • Submit official final high school transcript   
  • Submit medical records                                 
  • Submit Residency Determination

This will serve as your schedule and provide more detailed information for New Student Orientation.

3.       Review your "Projected Bill Statement" and initial "Financial Aid Award".

Note: You will receive a letter containing information about your initial financial aid award and projected billing statement.  You will or have received financial aid information via Bronco Student Email and U.S. mail. If you have any questions about financial aid or your billing statement, please call the FSU Call Center at (910)-672-2850.   

First-Time Freshmen, Early College, and Transfer Definitions

First-Time Freshmen are considered as if you have not taken any college-level coursework (with the exception of summer courses) after completing high school. Fayetteville State University seeks to admit students whose academic preparation is strong, who desire to succeed, and who are highly motivated academically, professionally, and personally.

Transfer Students are students who have earned at least 15 credit hours from another institution.

Early College Students are students that graduated from an Early College High School or Dual Enrollment High School.

What will my Course Schedule Look Like?

First-Time Freshmen will receive a pre-made schedule at their respective New Student Orientation date, while also attending a session on how to understand a class schedule. Transfer and Early College students will receive academic advisement for their schedule at their respective First Steps date. 

You can see courses you can expect to take your first semester by viewing the Course Catalog and Four Year Degree Plan for your intended major. These documents serve as a guide to students as they plan their course work for the next four years. Not sure what you would like to major in? Don't worry, an academic advisor will meet with you during New Student Orientation to discuss potential majors and help you create your schedule for the Fall. During your first semester, you will be assigned an academic advisor and their goal is to support you in making decisions to stay on track throughout your four years here at Fayetteville State University. 

Click here to view the Course Catalogs.

Click here to find your Four Year Degree Plan. 

How do I view my Course Schedule?

First-Time Freshmen will receive a pre-made schedule at their respective New Student Orientation date, while also attending a session on how to understand a class schedule. Transfer and Early College students will receive academic advisement for their schedule at their respective New Student Orientation date. 

1. Go to the Fayetteville State University website at 

2. Click the Current Student Tab at the top of the page

3. Click "Banner Login"

4. Use your Banner ID number (your nine-digit 830 number) as the user ID and your date of birth as your pin number (Note: Enter the two-digit month, two-digit date, and two-digit year as your pin number)

5. Click the Student Tab

6. Click Registration

7. Click Student Detailed Schedule