Welcome back to Fayetteville State University! You are considered a readmit student if you have previously attended FSU but have not been enrolled for either a fall or spring semester.

Applying as a Readmit Student

Apply as a Readmit if:

  • You have been disenrolled from FSU for one or more consecutive semesters since your last enrollment (not including summer sessions)

Do not apply as a Readmit if:

  • You are a second degree seeking student (you should apply as a second degree seeking student, not a readmit), or
  • You are a special visiting student (you should apply as a special visiting student, not as a readmit).

How to Apply

To apply for readmission you should submit:

Prior to enrollment, you will need to receive clearance from the Office of Business and Finance, Student Affairs, and the Registrar's Office. Once you are admitted and all offices are cleared, you will be able to register for classes.

As a readmitted student, you will be subject to the degree requirements in effect at the time of your readmission.

If your cumulative GPA is less than a 2.0, or your Satisfactory Academic Progress is less than 67%, you will need to submit an Academic Appeal.

Destination Degree Program

Are you close to finishing your degree but not quite sure how to do it? FSU can help!

FSU provides flexible options to help students who are already "partway home" to complete their degrees. Whether through Online Degree Completion (ODC), Professional Studies, or the ACE Alternative Credit Project, FSU can help you find the program that works with your schedule and helps you cross that finish line! For more information, contact: 

Dr. Darnette Hall

Online Degree Completion

Students who have already completed the University Core coursework are able to finish their degrees online. FSU offers twelve undergraduate ODC programs where students receive the same quality education as our traditional campus programs.

Interdisciplinary Studies Program

The Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies provides students the opportunity to create an individualized program of study based on their interests, goals, and experience.

Ace Alternative Credit Project

The Alternative Credit Project (ACP), sponsored by the American Council on Education (ACE), provides a pool of low-cost online courses that FSU will accept towards your degree. Transfer up to 64 credit hours.