Office of Faculty Development

In support of FSU’s mission, the Office of Faculty Development (OFD) provides training, support and professional development to faculty members to promote excellence in teaching and learning. OFD programming and services foster and support quality and integrity in all courses types to positively impact the faculty, the students they teach and FSU as an institution.

OFD Programming Schedule 

See What's New from OFD 

See What's New at OFD 

Faculty Programs
We offer numerous programs to meet your teaching and learning needs. Read on to learn more!

Certification Program
Online and Hybrid Certification 
This program is required of all faculty who plan to teach online or hybrid courses at FSU. 

The Certification involves three steps: 1) training, 2) course development,  and (3) Quality Matters course review. It focuses on the Quality Matters program for hybrid and online course design, best practices for delivering high quality hybrid and online courses and Canvas proficiency.

Course Details

  • Course Duration: 6 weeks
  • Fully online training 
  • Facilitated 

To become certified, faculty must:

  • Complete all assignments, tasks and assessments in the specified modules;
  • Fully develop an online or hybrid course and;
  • Complete the Quality Matters course review process.

This program is offered twice per year in June and November. Online registration is available on the OFD Calendar, and the course syllabus is available for review on the OFD on Canvas site.

To learn more, review the Online & Hybrid Guidelines (pdf)

Workshops and Webinars
We offer group workshops in multiple delivery formats (F2F, Online via Zoom and Teams). These sessions are designed and delivered around the following themes:

  • Teaching Challenges and Solutions
  • Teaching with Technology 
  • Effective Pedagogy: Active Learning, Flipped, Hy-Flex and more!
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
  • Course Design or Redesign

View our list of programs and register online on the OFD Calendar on our homepage.

One on one consultations provide an opportunity for you to meet with an OFD team member about a variety of topics which can include:

  • Canvas Learning Management System
  • Quality Matters Standards Implementation and Course Reviews
  • Course Design or Redesign
  • Educational Technology Integration and Implementation
  • Teaching Consultations
  • Grant Support
  • And other topics by request

Consultations are completely confidential and are by appointment. Contact Kathy Hargett at or 910-672-1768 to schedule.

Magna Commons-Self-Paced Programs
Magna Commons offers a vast library of faculty development programming embedded in Canvas!  Watch previously recorded presentations, review supplemental materials and receive a certificate of completion for your records. From wherever you are, 24/7/365.

Microsoft Mondays in March!

Come learn from our Microsoft representative about the features and tools available to you as part of FSU's OFfice 365 platform to help you with your teaching and learning goals!

New Faculty Orientation-Coming Soon!

Communities of Practice
Programs Designed to Bring Faculty Together to Engage with Topics Relevant to Teaching and Learning.

Faculty 4th Fridays

Monthly events that bring campus experts and faculty together to discuss important issues related to teaching and learning. 

To suggest a topic and/or sign up to facilitate a session, please submit this form: 

Faculty Learning Communities-Coming Soon!

Faculty Mentoring Program-Coming Soon!

Technology Sandbox
Learn about, explore and test out new educational technology available at FSU!

The Technology Sandbox provides information and access to new educational technology that FSU has purchased or is considering purchasing. Share your feedback to inform purchasing decisions! Check out what's new!

See What's New at OFD
 by Dr. Claudette Fuller

What's New at OFD video transcript

Links to Embedded Videos:
Harmonize Discussions:
Canvas Studio Overview:
One Button-Lightboard Studio:

Information on all of the educational technology available at FSU can be located on the OFD on Canvas site. 

Quality Matters Program
Quality Matters is a global organization leading quality assurance in online and innovative digital teaching and learning environments.


QM 6th Edition Rubric Update Video 


A Closer Look at QM Standard 1 


A Closer Look at QM Standard 2

Faculty Recognition and Awards Programs


 Outstanding Online & Hybrid Course Design 

Award Recipents 



Dr. David Allen
 Department of Psychology 

Dr. Fredrick Ayivi
Department of Government & History

Dr. David Barlow
Department of Crimial Justice
Dr. Melissa Barlow

Department of Criminal Justice 

Dr. Jennifer Bushelle-Edghill
Department of Accounting, Finance, Healthcare Administration & Information Systems 

Dr. Jose Franco-  Rodriguez
Department of Communciations, Languages, & Cultures 

Dr. Caroline Glackin
Department of Management, Marketing & Entrepreneurship

Dr. Joie Hain 
MBA Program

Ms. LaTasha Jones 
Department of English

Dr. Marilyn Lanier
Department of Elementary Education

Dr. John Mattox
Department of Chemistry & Physics 


Dr. Gregory McElveen
Department of Business & Economics

Dr. Daniel Montoya
Department of Psychology

Dr. Kaela Nommay
Department of Performing & Fine Arts

Dr. Carla Padilla
Department of Biological Sciences

Dr. Kimberly Smith-Burton
Department of Middle Grades, Secondary & Specialized Subjects 

Dr. Thomas Van Cantfort
Department of Psychology 

Dr. Abdoul Wane
Department of Management, Marketing, & Entrepreneurship

Dr. Kimberly Weston-Moore
Department of Management, Marketing, & Entrepreneurship

Dr. Molly Williams
Department of Social Work 

Dr. Karryll Winborne-Phillips
Department of Psychology 

Dr. Cynthia Wooten
Department of Elementary Education 


Outstanding Online Course Design & Delivery

2017 Award Recipents 

2017 Award Recipents

2017 Award Recipents

Advisory Committees

Faculty Development Advisory Committee

The mission and function of the committee is to provide guidance and advice to the Office of Faculty Development on faculty development initiatives, policies, programs and related issues.


Dr. Daniel Autrey, Department of Chemistry
Dr. Dennis Corbin, Department of Social Work
Dr. Robert McGee, Department of Accounting, Finance, Heatthcare Administration and Information Systems
Dr. Daniel Montoya, Department of Psychology
Dr. Maria Orban, Department of English
Dr. Honbing Zhang, World Languages and Cultures
Dr. Stacye Blount, Department of Sociology
Dr. Zhenlu Cui, Department of Math and Computer Science
Dr. Marlina Duncan, Department of Middle Grades, Secondary and Specialized Subjects
Dr. Ruth King, Department of Accounting, Finance, Heatthcare Administration and Information Systems
Dr. Bonnie Grohe, Office of Faculty Development

Online Education Advisory Committee

The mission and function of the committee is to collaborate and advise the Office of Faculty Development on online education initiatives, procedures, training, support and related issues.


Dr. Angela Taylor, Department of Criminal Justice
Dr. Mohsen Souissi, Department of Accounting, Finance, Healthcare Administration, and Information Systems
Dr. Kim Tran, Department of Psychology
Ms.Jihane Mauze, Fire and Emergency Services Administration Program
Ms. Diana Amerson, Bibliographic Instruction and Distance Education Librarian
Dr. Jilly Ngwainmbi, Department of Sociology
Dr. Bonnie Grohe, Office of Faculty Development, Chair