Faculty Senate

The Faculty Senate, as a representative body of the general faculty, works in concert with the Chancellor and Provost to:

1. Participate actively in the formulation of academic and governance policies and procedures pertaining to the areas of curriculum, degree requirements, subject matter and methods and standards of instruction, grading criteria, research, faculty affairs, academic budget and those aspects of student life which relate to the educational process.

2. Provide members of the faculty with a mechanism by which to advise and make recommendations to on any matters pertaining to the institution that are of interest and concern to the faculty.

3. Act as a deliberative body for the faculty in the formulation and enactment of rules, policies, regulations, and procedures that are of interest and concern to the faculty and the University.

The Fayetteville State University Faculty Senate was established upon adoption of the Faculty Governance Document by the Faculty in accordance with the requirements set out of the Code of the University of North Carolina.

To read more, visit the Faculty Handbook.

2016-17 Senate Members

Faculty Senate Membership & Committees

2016-2017 Senate Members

Delaney Nguyen Kristen CAS Biological Sciences 2019 First
Salek Stephen CAS Biological Sciences 2020 First
Haddad Eid CAS Biological Sciences 2018 First
Bose-Basu Bidisha CAS Chem/Phys 2019 First
Siamaki Ali CAS Chem/Phys 2019 First
Hayes Lenora CAS Communication, Languages, and Cultures 2019 First
Franco Rodriguez Jose CAS Communication, Languages, and Cultures 2018 Second
Barlow David CAS Criminal Justice 2018 First
Shekarkhar Zahra CAS Criminal Justice 2018 First
DeValve Michael CAS Criminal Justice 2018 Second
Moffett Noran SOE EDLE 2019 First
Ombonga Mary SOE EDLE 2019 First
Smith Gray Jocelyn SOE Elementary Education 2019 First
Phillips Brian SOE Elementary Education 2019 Second
Jones LaTasha CAS English 2018 First
McFarlane Nicole A. CAS English 2017 First
Boaheng Paul CAS Government and History 2019 Second
Kadel Brad CAS Government and History 2019 First
Hemstock Hsiaofen CAS Government and History 2018 First
Walsh Kelli Cardenas CAS Government and History 2018 Second
Spillers Carolyn SOB Management 2018 ?
Ritz Wendy SOB Management 2019
Jing Wu CAS Math & CS 2019 First
Bao Yufang CAS Math &CS 2018 First
Czejdo Bogdan CAS Math &CS 2019 First
Zhang Bo CAS Math &CS 2019 First
Green Peggy SOE MSSS 2019 First
Johnson Chandrika SOE MSSS 2019 First
Kershaw Portia SOE MSSS 2019 First
Leviner Sherry CAS Nursing 2019 First
Ventura Aprel CAS Nursing 2020 First
Goodwyn Wanda CAS Nursing 2020 First
Fiebig Jeremy CAS PFA 2018 First
Smith Dwight CAS PFA 2018 First
Linch-Parker Sheryl CAS PFA 2019 First
Nyutu Pius CAS Psychology 2018 Second
Van Cantfort Thomas CAS Psychology 2019 First
Chu-Chun Fu CAS Psychology 2019 First
Hardy Kimberley CAS Social Work 2020 Second
Dilday Chet CAS Social Work ? ?
Childs Alysia CAS Sociology 2019 First
Nichols Quienton CAS Social Work ?
Hammock Brenda CAS English 2020 First
Eldridge Erin CAS Sociology 2020 First
Taber Rob CAS English 2020 First

2017-2018 Committees

Committees & Chairs

Chairs can provide membership lists, points of contact, and other information. Committee reports are available in the Faculty Senate Canvas site or upon request from the public.

  • Academic Affairs Committee (Jeremy Fiebig)
  • Budget and Planning Committee (Carolyn Spillers)
  • Student Affairs Committee (Quienton Nichols)
  • Governance Committee (Kimberly Hardy)
  • Information Technology and Telecommunication Committee (Brad Kadel)
  • Faculty Welfare Committee (Miriam Chitiga)
  • Faculty Evaluation and Development Committee (Thomas Van Cantford)

Ad-Hoc Committee

  • Faculty Senate Handbook Committee

University-Wide Autonomous Committees

  • Grievance Committee
  • Hearings and Reconsideration Committee