Interdisciplinary Materials Research and Education Laboratory

The mission of IMREL is to provide an open platform for faculty, staff and students at FSU, and external national and international collaborators to conduct cutting-edge materials research and transformative STEM education. Collaboration in multi-disciplines is very encouraged, and research to advance our fundamental understanding in any field of materials science in terms of material synthesis, fabrication, processing or performance is highly supported. The involvement of students in the research is a core value of IMREL. 


  1. To infuse Materials Science education to FSU; 
  2. To enhance research and education infrastructure; 
  3. To promote faculty engagement in research through interdisciplinary collaborations; and
  4. To increase student enrollment and graduation rate.

IMREL is administrated by Department of Chemistry and Physics, and in close collaboration with Southeastern North Carolina Regional Microanalytical and Imaging Consortium.    

A Topical Device to Facilitate Wound Recovery

Dr. Carla Padilla

"An ideal dressing material should not only accelerate wound healing but also reduce the loss of proteins, electrolytes and fluid from the wound, and help to minimize pain and infection."
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