Pop Up Shop


FedEx, Microsoft, Napster, Facebook, and Inogen.  The common thread amongst these companies is that they were started by college students, some were reportedly built out of a dorm room. What if a community-wide event could identify, nurture, and help launch the revolutionary businesses that sit in our dorm rooms at FSU? 

The 2019 Pop Up Shop Event seeks to do just that. The event will empower and enrich students and select community entrepreneurs with the creativity, collaboration, focus and grit that they need to survive as entrepreneurs. We chose Pop Up shops because they are innovative on-site marketing campaigns that bring entrepreneurs up close and personal with their target market. The Pop Up Shop event is also a collaboration across Fayetteville State University and the Fayetteville community as a whole. It will teach students about personal selling, target marketing, branding and positioning while collaborating with a team of students from the art department to learn about teamwork, collaboration, and leadership. 

We will have elaborate small shops that encompass the positioning of the product or service. Within these shops, student and community entrepreneurs will be selling their actual products to actual customers, this is not a test, this is game time! Students who have services will be demonstrating or performing as well. Our event will have music, interactive activities, and your products/services for the community to purchase.

If you have products or services to sell, consider showcasing your business at our 2019 Pop Up Shop event on April 15, 2019!

If you are interested in participating, click here to apply.

For more information, contact us at popup@uncfsu.edu.