Dance (Minor)

The Dance Minor relates directly to the primary mission of Fayetteville State University, which is to "provide quality education to its students", [and] "specialized individual training". A small concentrated program, the dance courses have been developed to work with the novice dance enthusiast as well as the seasoned dancer looking to continue his or her training.

Why Choose Dance?

The dance curriculum seeks to provide undergraduate majors who are interested in acquiring knowledge of creative, artistic and liberal arts based skills sought by prospective employers who are looking for an innovative, collaborative, and self-motivated workforce.

It was not until I stepped foot on the campus of Fayetteville State University, that I was truly able to explore and experience the wonderful art of dancing
Devin Lanier

What will you learn?

The Dance minor at Fayetteville State University is open to students from any area of the university and offers instruction in jazz, ballet, modern and musical theatre dance.

What will you do with a minor in dance?

It is designed to enhance a student's preparedness for career fields in the arts, arts education and entertainment industries, as well as other creative and innovative fields such as fitness and health sciences.

FSUDE group 2017-2018
FSU dancers 2018 GROUP COLOR 1
FSUDE dancers at Cotton Club 2
FSU dancers 2018 AJARISAYAN 4