Music (BA)

The music program at Fayetteville State University produces musicians prepared to make significant contributions to the music profession. The BA in Music has two concentrations (Music Education and Music) which offer a variety of flexibility in course offerings as a liberal arts institution.

Why choose Music?

The music program at FSU offers exposure to diverse and innovative experiences in performance, workshops and classroom participation that goes beyond the traditional training. With exposure to real world experiences, we provide life-long learning experiences with music, and promote a climate for scholarly engagement with music.

Dr. Denise Payton
Group Piano Class
What will you learn?
  • Essential skills of musical performance.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of music theory and essential aural skills.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of music history and synthesize the analysis of literature, performance styles, and genres of Western and non-Western music.
  • Devise a construct of music through aesthetic experience and critical and creative thinking.
  • Snalyze and synthesize pedagogical strategies, assessment, and the nature of the learner.
What will you do with a degree in music?

You can have a rewarding career in ....

  • Music education
  • Arts management
  • Entertainment law
  • Conducting
  • Music therapy
  • Music business
  • Creating vitual reality sound environments
  • Music worship
  • Music communication
  • broadcast media
  • Music journalism
  • Music librarian film scoring
  • Music production and engineering
  • Performing arts medicine
  • Composing
  • Vocal/instrumental performing
  • Instrument repair
  • Recording industry
  • Electronic production and design
  • Publicity and promotions
Music Area Ensembles

Large Ensembles

(1) Concert Band [Contact Prof. Austin Chalmers]
(2) Marching Bronco 'Xpress (MBX) [Contact Prof. Austin Chalmers]
(3) University Concert Choir [Contact Dr. Denise Payton]

Chamber Ensemble

(1) Brass Ensemble [Contact Prof. Jerrita Waters]
(2) Jazz Ensemble [Contact Dr. Neal Finn]
(3) Mane Attraction [Contact Dr. Denise Payton]
(4) Men of Distinction [Contact Dr. Denise Payton]
(5) Opera Workshop [Contact Dr. Denise Payton]
(6) Percussion Ensemble
(7) Woodwind Ensemble [Contact Prof. Taiki Azuma]

Music Faculty
Name Title E-mail
Amanda Virelles Assistant Department Chair, Piano, Associate Professor
Neal Finn Director of Jazz Xpress, Brass, Composition, Associate Professor
Denise Payton Director of Choral Activities, Lecturer
Austin Chalmers Assistant Director of Bands, Lecturer
Jerrita Waters Music Education, Lecturer
Taiki Azuma Woodwinds, Adjunct Lecturer
Carlos Castilla Guitar, Adjunct Lecturer
Laura Eis Strings, Adjunct Lecturer
Dandrick Glenn Low Brass, Adjunct lecturer
David Lewis High Brass, Adjunct Lecturer
Joseph Spearman Adjunct Assistant Professor of Percussion
Prospective Student

Applicants to the Music Area at Fayetteville state must be admitted to both the University and the Music Area.

To apply for a major in music:

1. Complete an application to Fayetteville State University. Declare your major as music.

2. Audition days will consist of a meeting and Q&A with music faculty to answer questions about the program, a theory diagnostic exam, and an audition for your area of focus.

Audition Information

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Audition Dates & Scheduling
April 24

Theory Exam Information

Free Music Theory Resources