Clubs & Organizations

Honor Societies:

Phi Alpha Theta Honor Society (History); Advisor: Dr. Linda Tomlinson

Pi Sigma Alpha Honor Society (Political Science); Advisor: Dr. Kofi Johnson

FSU  Roots History Club:

Oct 7 @ 2 pm NEXT HISTORY CLUB MEETING. We will meet at TS 209

The History Club meets bi-monthly to discuss issues from classroom and curriculm matters, career opportunities and grad school preparation. You can also find club memebers hosting movie and game night and involved in community service. 

Faculty Advisors: Mr. Charles Anderson, Jr. , Dr. Kelli Cardenas Walsh

Black Scholars Association: 

Faculty Advisor; Dr. Rob Taber      

Intelligence Studies: Order of the Sword and Shield (OSS) 

Faculty Advisor; Mr. Julian Bishop

Political Science Club: 

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Kofi Johnson

Geoscience Student Association (GeoSA)

The purpose of the Association is to advance the awareness of spatial thinking and enhance the spatial knowledge and skills of its members through various types of activities as well as to provide opportunities for association and interaction within the Department of Government and History. More...

History Club

The FSU Roots history club is a great opportunity to share your love of history with your peers and in the community. We gather to discuss preparation for graduate school, host movie nights, particpate in cemetery clean up where early school leaders are buried. There are also opportunities to travel to exhibitions and provide community service.