Fall 2022 BSW Virtual Orientation

Welcome Future Social Workers!

Welcome to the Fayetteville State University Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) Spring 2022 Orientation! Below you will find information about the program and have an opportunity to meet the faculty and staff of the School of Social Work!

Please explore the sections below for more information on our faculty, student organizations, and degree pathways. All documents needed to complete the orientation can be found with their accompanying videos below. Some documents you will be able to sign electronically while others are for your information. To sign the documents electronically, you can do so through Google Docs or Microsoft Word.

A Message from the BSW Program Director

Dr. Erica Campbell is our new BSW Program Director and would like to welcome you to the BSW Program!

Meet Your Mentor

The BSW has a host of excellent instructors and social workers ready to help you succeed in your academic journey and prepare you for a career in social work. Please take a moment to get to know some of our faculty who will be instructing you through the duration of your program.

The Curriculum Advisement

Ms. Constance Woods is the BSW Academic Advisor and will help navigate you through the advisement process and help plan your path to become a BSW graduate. Before meeting with Ms. Woods, you should review the BSW Admissions Requirements, the BSW Plan of Study, the Advisement Verification Form, and information on How to Declare a Major.

The Field Practicum

Professor Massey is the BSW Field Director. She will review the opportunity the BSW Program offers to place you in the field and apply to the workplace what you have learned in the classroom.

Get Engaged! Student Organizations

Professor Massey will briefly discuss the student organization opportunities available to our BSW students to become more involved in the field of social work and to better round out your experience in the program. Student organizations include the Bachelor of Social Work Student Association (BSWSA), the National Association of Black Social Workers (NABSW), and Black Feminist Scholars.

Next Steps: Submit Forms

Dr. Kaycee Bills will read through the Memorandum of Understanding and My Pledge As A BSW Student.

All BSW students must read and sign as part of their inclusion into the Bachelor of Social Work Program the following documents: Memorandum of Understanding, My Pledge As A BSW Student, Photography Consent Form, and the Emergency Contact Information. 

Students should also look through the information regarding the BSW Program's accreditation with the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE).

Additionally, please review the orientation documents below.

Fall 2022-Bachelor of Social Work Program Memorandum of Understanding 
Fall 2022-Bachelor of Social Work Program My Pledge as a BSW Student 
Fall 2022-Bachelor of Social Work Program Emergency Contact Information 
Fall 2022-Bachelor of Social Work PHOTOGRAPHY CONSENT FORM 

BSW Orientation Documents

BSW mission and goals.pdf

Orientation-Attendance Policy (1).pdf

BSW Admissions requirement.pdf

BSW Plan of Study (2).pdf

CSWE Informational Handout.pdf