CRED - Career Readiness Enhancement Designation Certificates

CRED programs are certificate programs tailor made by FSU faculty with expertise in a wide range of topics, including creativity, performance, management, marketing and technology, human services, healthcare, and more. CREDs are small, interdisciplinary programs meant to pack a real punch.

FSU students can tack a CRED onto an existing degree program with minimal impact on time to graduation and maximum impact on employability and hard-to-find soft skills that employers love.

Get CRED from FSU's top professors

CRED courses are all handcrafted by Fayetteville State University professors who want to give you an edge with employers and round you out as a lifelong learner and global citizen.  

Are you a future artist, clinician, or social worker who needs some entrepreneurship, marketing, or accounting CRED in your back pocket so that you can run yourself as a business?  

Are you a business major looking to round out your presentation and interpersonal skills?  

Level Up Your Resume

FSU offers CRED (Career Readiness Enhancement Designations), small certificate programs you can package together with your existing major to put yourself a step ahead of the competition as you obtain the additional skills employers want.  

Level Up Yourself

More importantly, CRED enables you to become even more well-rounded upon graduation, mixing your in-depth major course of study with packages of courses that help expand your horizons.

Current CRED


This CRED lays a foundation in basic Behavior principles and skills centered on understanding of human and social behavior. This foundation is particularly useful for students in CBE who focus on marketing and need skill sets from the social sciences to understand and evaluate their markets, but can apply to anyone looking for an entry point into global society.

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This CRED exposes the learner to an immersive experience in creative activity, creative thinking, and practical problem solving and are ideal for any major.

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Customer, Client, and Patient Service

This CRED opens the student Customer, Client, & Patient Service and service learning particularly ideal for those entering organizational or customer relations fields, exposing the student to considerations of empathy and interpersonal engagement.

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This CRED in design supplies students with a foundation in basic design principles and skills in an applied setting suitable for a wide variety of disciplines.

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Digital Marketing

This CRED empowers the learner to be conversant in the principles and tools necessary to compete in today's digital marketplace.

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This CRED offers a "tasting" of entrepreneurial issues and skills meant to enhance students' resumes and exposure to challenges and opportunities in their respective fields. Ideal for artists, clinic operators, lawyers, and others who will run their own businesses after graduation.

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Environmental Sustainability (Online)

This CRED  addresses the growing demand for courses that concentrate on the key issues associated with sustainability and the environment. Students in the Environmental Sustainability Certificate Program will learn the values of organism in ecosystem, the connectedness of environmental, economic, social and political systems of the world; the influence of institutions, organizations, cultures, and technologies to determine the solutions to sustainability, etc. The aim is to help the communities to design and develop businesses and societies that meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generation to do the same.

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Financial Management

This CRED empowers students Financial Management principles and skills, ideal for those who will be self-employed, engage in contract work, or who will operate small businesses.

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Human Relations

This CRED provides foundation in basic Human Relations principles and skills centered on clear and professional communication, understanding of human behavior, and empathy.

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This CRED offers a foundation in basic marketing principles and skills.

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Public Presentation

This CRED explores Public Presentation principles and skills centered on professional communication and demeanor, understanding, clarity, and persuasion.

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Service & Community Engagement

These CRED examines and explores public service and service learning particularly ideal for pre-law, accounting, and Business majors whose future firms will require public service as a condition of employment as well as for those students entering the non-profit world.

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