ETS Proficiency Profile

Fayetteville State University assesses mastery of core learning outcomes in a variety of ways to ensure that our graduates are prepared to succeed in their chosen career. The ETS Proficiency Profile provides a standardized assessment that complements course-based evaluation of student progress.

What is the Proficiency Profile

Students today can no longer rely solely on mastery of discipline-based information. They need to be able to analyze and evaluate information, solve problems, and communicate effectively. Beyond just accumulating facts, they must be able to access, structure, and use information.

Developed by the Educational Testing Service (ETS), the Proficiency Profile is a standardized assessment that measures reading, writing, critical thinking, and mathematics. More information is available on the ETS Proficiency Profile website.

Why should students participate in the Proficiency Profile?

Some students are required to take the Proficiency Profile.

  • Entering freshmen must take it to satisfy the Entering Freshman Assessment requirement. Early College students are exempt.
  • All Graduating Seniors are required to take the Proficiency Profile to satisfy the Graduating Senior Assessment requirement, unless they have already taken it as a junior or senior. Education majors are exempt, because they take PRAXIS. Generic Nursing majors are exempt, because they take the NCLEX. RN-to-BSN students must take the Proficiency Profile.


How does Fayetteville State University use the Proficiency Profile?

FSU uses the Proficiency Profile to assess how well our programs help students develop the skills and knowledge that make up our core learning outcomes: Critical Thinking, Communication Skills, and Quantitative Reasoning. FSU wants to ensure that students graduate with the tools they need to be informed professionals and citizens. By giving the Proficiency Profile to freshmen in the fall and seniors in the spring, we can measure how much students improve during their undergraduate career. We use that information to improve our programs and to serve students better.

How do students register for the Proficiency Profile?

Freshmen take the assessment as part of Freshman Seminar. Graduating seniors and/or students in capstone courses required to take the Proficiency Profile will receive registration information from their instructor.

How do students get more information?

The linked ETS FAQ page summarizes informaton for the current semester. Freshmen and students in capstone courses can get more information from their instructors.  

When can students take the Proficiency Profile?

For Spring 2021, All testing will be done onilne due to COVID -19 protocol.

Capstone Courses
  • ART-400 Art Thesis
  • BIOL-499 Senior Capstone Experience
  • CHEM-499 Chemistry Capstone
  • COMM-490 Communication Research
  • CRJC-450 Seminar in Criminal Justice
  • CSC-490 Senior Project
  • ENGL-470 Senior Capstone Course
  • FORS-460 Capstone
  • GEOG-480 Seminar in Geography
  • HIST-490 Sr. Seminar: Selected Topics
  • INTL-480 Senior Seminar
  • MGMT-470 Strategic Management
  • MUSI-499 Senior Recital
  • NURS-480 Senior Practicum
  • POLI-312 Public Leadership & Mgmt.
  • POLI-460 History of Political Theory II
  • POLI-471 Research Seminar
  • POLI-480 Senior Seminar
  • POLI-481 Senior Seminar
  • POLI-490 Advanced Reading and Research
  • PSYC-400 History & Systems of Psychology
  • PSYC-460 Senior Seminar
  • SOCI-480 Sociological Seminar
  • SPAN-481 Senior Seminar
  • STAT-302 Mathematical Statistics
  • SWRK-475 Integrative Seminar
  • THEA-450 Senior Seminar