About the Journal

Conducting research is becoming an integral part of the undergraduate curriculum. The benefits of  undergraduate research in an undergraduate education is echoed by large advocacy groups like the Council on Undergraduate Research. Although undergraduates are provided opportunities to recognize the importance of research, too often they fail to appreciate that research is not complete until it is published. Full engagement involving both the writing and peer review process in undergraduate research will not be realized until peer review and publication are standard expectations of these critical experiences. To recognize and disseminate FSU undergraduate research, we are motivated to build journal.The journal is an online peer-reviewed open access journal dedicated to promoting scholarship among FSU undergraduates. The journal aims to give a forum for highlighting and disseminating the best undergraduate research and encouraging more students to engage in high quality research as part of their academic experience. The journal is open to all FSU undergraduate students and will consider original research and creative works by students as well as student/faculty joint work. All submissions undergo a blind review process.

The purposes of the journal are

  • to foster dissemination of scholarly activities by FSU undergraduates.
  • to provide undergraduates an opportunity to learn about the publication process
  • to showcase high-quality undergraduate research at FSU