The pay for a Police Officer is $49,103, or depending on qualifications.

Special Event Pay

FSU Police Officers have the opportunity to work a large variety of special events such as ball games, dancees, performing arts events, etc. 

Shift Differential

Officers working night shift get a 10% shift differential.

Uniforms and Equipment

The department furnishes an officer's uniform, weapon, and duty leather gear.  Items are periodically replaced as needed.

Educational Programs

Employees are allowed to take one class a semester, tuition free.  An employee can take up to three classes a year at any University of North Carolina System school, if admitted.

Shift Hours

FSU Police Officers currently work 12 hour shifts rotating a month of days and a month of nights.  This schedule consists of 3 on, 2 off, 2 on, 3 off.


Vacation is earned based on total length of service. New officers earn 9 hours 20 minutes a month.  Additional vacation time is earned at 10, 15, 20, and 25 years of service.


Sick time is earned at a rate of 8 hours per month.  Sick time will accrue if not used, and can be ussed to advance retirement date.

Community Service

Officers are allowed 24 hours a year that can be used for community service. This includes but not limited to tutoring a child, service to a volunteer organization, and chaperoning your child’s field trip.

Civil Leave

Civil leave can be used when an individual has jury duty or has been subpoenaed to court. When the employee is absent from work they will be paid and will not be required to take time off (i.e. vacation, comp. time, etc.)

Holiday Pay

Due to the nature of a police officer’s schedule, there will be times when holiday pay is applied. When an officer works during a university holiday, they will receive eight hours of holiday time and one half the employee’s regular rate (i.e. officer will be paid at time and a half for hours worked on the holiday).

Residential Requirements

Officers may live anywhere in the State as long as they can respond to emergency call-ups in a reasonable time frame.

Other Benefits

Please visit the Human Resources Benefits page.