Performance Management Program

Performance Management Program

The Performance Management Process promotes continuous dialogue between the supervisor and their employees while also providing effective resources to develop the employee's performance. Regular performance appraisals provide an opportunity for employees to understand how their responsibilities and performance expectations align with the goals and priorities of their work
unit, with their institution's strategic initiatives, and with the University's strategic plan. It also provides a
defined cycle of review for managers and employees to assess employee success toward meeting these
operational needs and also professional development goals. As such, this regulation describes the
expectation that UNC General Administration and all constituent institutions shall provide an annual
performance appraisal to employees covered by this regulation.

Highlights of the Performance Management Program

o Includes individual and institutional goals to guide the
individual, department, division towards meeting Fayetteville State
University's Strategic Plan

o A future-focused program to focus on strategic thinking, planning
and achievement

o Encourages regular performance and talent conversations to promote
engagement and retention of the best employees

SHRA Performance Management

Fayetteville State University Performance Management Program for  SHRA employees!

The UNC System's SHRA Performance Appraisal Policy is standardizes performance expectations for all SHRA employees in the University system. These standards are incorporated into Fayetteville State University Employment System. The FSU Performance Management Program provides a tool for setting meaningful goals and evaluating employees fairly and consistently across the organization.

SHRA Evaluation Forms and Timeline

Ø 2018 - 2019 SHRA Performance Appraisal Cycle

Ø SHRA Annual Appraisal Form

Ø SHRA Off Cycle & Probationary Review

Ø SHRA Annual Performance Plan

Ø UNC Systems SHRA Performance Appraisal Policy


EHRA - Non Faculty Performance Management

Fayetteville State University Performance Management Program for  EHRA Non - Faculty Employees!

It is a requirement of the University of North Carolina that UNC General Administration
("UNC-GA") and all of its constituent institutions to provide an annual performance appraisal to permanent EHRA non-faculty employees (except those excluded in section III.B., below) on no less than an annual basis.

EHRA Non- Faculty Regulations for Annual Performance Appraisals (300.2.18[R])

EHRA Evaluation Forms and Timelines

2017-2018 EHRA Non- Faculty Performance Appraisal Timeline

EHRA Non - Faculty Evaluation Form

EHRA Non - Faculty Interim Review Form (Optional)

EHRA Non - Faculty Creating S.M.A.R.T. Goals