Performance Management Program

The Performance Management Process promotes continuous dialogue between the supervisor and their employees while also providing effective resources to develop the employee's performance. Regular performance appraisals provide an opportunity for employees to understand how their responsibilities and performance expectations align with the goals and priorities of their work unit, with their institution's strategic initiatives, and with the University's strategic plan. It also provides a defined cycle of review for managers and employees to assess employee success toward meeting these operational needs and also professional development goals. As such, this regulation describes the expectation that all constituent institutions shall provide an annual performance appraisal to employees covered by this regulation.

Highlights of the Performance Management Program

Includes individual and institutional goals to guide the individual, department, division towards meeting Fayetteville State University'sStrategic Plan

A future-focused program to focus on strategic thinking, planning and achievement

Encourages regular performance and talent conversations to promote engagement and retention of the best employees

Scoring Scale:

Institutional Goal and Individual Goal Scores

2.70 to 3.00 = Exceeding Expectations
1.70 to 2.69 = Meeting Expectations
1.00 to 1.69 = Not Meeting Expectations

*If received disciplinary action and/or received any rating of "Not Meeting", then Final Overall Rating cannot be higher than "Meeting". 

Performance Management Period


(Subject to the State Human Resources Act)


(Exempt from the State Human Resources Act)

The annual performance evaluation period for SHRA Staff is from July 1, 2020 - March 31, 2021.

 -All employees hired on or before October 1st of the previous year are required to have a completed evaluation.  

-All employees active six (6 months) or more in the cycle - this includes employee transfers, as of March 31, MUST receive a written annual appraisal, which will include an overall performance rating for the cycle.

SHRA evaluations should be submitted to Human Resources by May 15th.  

* Please note for SHRA Employees the 2019 Cycle was a 15-month Cycle due to the extension. Which ran from April 1, 2019- June 30, 2020.

The new Cycle with be shortened to July 1, 2020 - March 31, 2021. Please use this cycle date for your employee's new workplans. 

The annual performance evaluation period for EHRA covers the period from the previous July 1, 2020 - June 30, 2021.  

-EHRA staff members who have been employed for at least six months of the evaluation cycle (i.e., hired before January 1) must receive an annual performance evaluation.  

-Currently employed EHRA staff members hired after January 1 must-have goals established for the upcoming fiscal year.

-EHRA staff members hired during the fiscal year should have goals established within one month of hire.

EHRA evaluations should be submitted to Human Resources by August 15th. 


SHRA Performance Management

Fayetteville State University Performance Management Program for SHRA employees

The UNC System's SHRA Performance Appraisal Policy standardizes performance expectations for all SHRA employees in the University system.  The FSU Performance Management Program provides a tool for setting meaningful goals and evaluating employees fairly and consistently across the organization.

SHRA Evaluation Policy, Timeline and Forms

Policy  -UNC Systems SHRA Performance Appraisal Policy

Timeline - 2020 - 2021 SHRA Performance Appraisal Cycle 


*Annual Cycle is from July 1, 2020 - March 31, 2021.*

  • Performance Plan:

Performance plans must be issued annually and are Due on May 15. The plan defines how well the employee needs to perform job duties in order to meet business needs. It also includes targeted individual goals for the employee. 

-SHRA Annual Performance Plan (Word Doc.)

 -SHRA Annual Performance Plan (PDF Fillable)

  • Annual Appraisal:

Annual performance appraisals must be issued annually and are Due on May 15. Use the three-point rating scale (Not Meeting, Meeting, or Exceeding Expectations) for each goal and for the final overall rating. Individual goals equal 50% of final rating and institutional goals equal 50% of final rating. Add up the scores for each rating (Rating x Weight = Score) to determine the overall score. 

 -SHRA Annual Appraisal (Word Doc.) -If You already have a plan in place for 2020-2021 within a separate document use this form (Parts 7-10) for Performance Appraisal only. 

 -SHRA Annual Appraisal (PDF Fillable)

  • Off Cycle:

These are check-ins between supervisors and employees during the performance cycle that occur as often as necessary. There are several types of off-cycle reviews: Interim reviews are completed near the middle of the cycle (October). Transfer reviews are completed when a supervisor or employee transfers to another position. Employee-requested reviews can be completed anytime during the cycle.  

 -SHRA Off Cycle (Word Doc.) 

 -SHRA Off Cycle  (PDF Fillable)

  • Example Forms:

 -SHRA Annual Perfomance Plan (Example)

 -SHRA Annual Appraisal (Example)

 -SHRA Off Cycle (Example) 

EHRA - Non Faculty Performance Management

Fayetteville State University Performance Management Program for EHRA Non - Faculty Employees

 It is a requirement of the University of North Carolina that UNC General Administration ("UNC-GA") and all its constituent institutions to provide an annual performance appraisal to permanent EHRA non-faculty employees (except those excluded in section III.B., below) on no less than an annual basis.  

EHRA Evaluation Policy, Timeline, and Forms 

Policy -EHRA Non- Faculty Regulations for Annual Performance Appraisals (300.2.18[R]) 

Timeline - 2020-2021 EHRA Performance Appraisal Cycle


*Annual Cycle is from July 1, 2020 - June 30, 2021*

  • Non-Faculty Performance Appraisal:

This form provides a template for managers to provide the annual performance review for EHRA Non-Faculty employees.  Each EHRA Non-Faculty employee should receive a written annual performance evaluation covering the immediately preceding July 1 through June 30, and this review should be delivered and discussed with the employee no later than July 15 of each year.

 Employees with start dates after the previous July 1 should have the review cover the period from their start date to June 30; employees who been in their present position less than 90 days as of June 30 may have an optional review or await the next performance cycle for completion of the required annual review at the manager's option.

- EHRA Non- Faculty Performance Appraisal (Word Doc.)

-EHRA Non-Faculty Performance Appraisal (PDF Fillable)

  • Non-Faculty Interim Review (optional):

During the performance cycle, the supervisor may conduct an interim review with the employee to provide performance feedback.

- EHRA Non- Faculty Interim Review (optional) (Word Doc.)

-EHRA Non- Faculty Interim Review (PDF Fillable)

  • Non-Faculty S.M.A.R.T Goals:

S.M.A.R.T. goals should be developed through an interactive discussion between the employee and supervisor to ensure they align with those  of the University, college/division, department, and/or unit.

- EHRA Non- Faculty S.M.A.R.T Goals (Word Doc.)

-EHRA Non-Faculty S.M.A.R.T Goals (PDF Fillable)

  • Example Forms:

- EHRA Non-Faculty Performance Appraisal (Example)

-EHRA Non-Faculty Interim Review (Example)