Compliance and Enterprise Risk Management

Fayetteville State University is strongly committed to creating a culture of ethical conduct, integrity, and compliance with all applicable federal, state and local regulations, laws, and policies.

Fayetteville State University supports a culture of compliance and an environment that encourages adherence to the law and to University policies and procedures. To express its commitment to these goals, the University has created the Compliance and Enterprise Risk Management Office.

Members of the University are individually responsible for compliance with the regulations and policies that apply to their substantive areas of responsibility. The Compliance and Enterprise Risk Management Office does not assume the duties of the various substantive compliance areas. The Compliance and Enterprise Risk Management Officer coordinates these efforts, monitors compliance performance, conducts risk assessments, and provides senior leadership with a comprehensive view of the University's compliance and risk activities. 


Enhances compliant behavior in accordance with applicable laws, regulations, requirements, and university policies and procedures


Fosters a culture of integrity, trust, and respect, which is consistent with university standards

Enterprise Risk Management

Oversees the identification, assessment, and management of risks and opportunities that could impact university success