Department of Government and History: Alumni

Our alumni can be found all over the world and in many career fields.

Sierra Griffieths

class of 2015

Before graduation Sierra was hired to work for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Upon graduation she left for training and has worked in national service for two years. In her role at FEMA she manages a team of young adults ranging from the ages of 18-24 who respond to communities recovering from natural disasters. She recently accepted a position in the federal government.

Joel Cook

class of 2016

Joel graduated with a degree in History in 2016. While at FSU he served as President of the FSU Roots: History Club and Upon graduation he received a six month paid internship at Cowpens Military Battlefied in South Carolina. In the Fall of 2017 he began graduate studies in the Maritime Archaeology Program at Eastern Carolina University. In his spare time he performs living history as a member of the award winning Sons and Daughters of Ham.

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