Political Science (BA)

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“Politics is the art of the possible, the attainable -- the art of the next best.“
-Otto Von Bismarck

Passionate about politics, or public service, or your community? Become a Political Science major and live your dreams while making a difference.

Students can earn a degree in Political Science with or without one of the three concentrations:

Political Science, Public Administration Concentration, B.A.
This program allows students to develop skills in areas such as leadership, public policy making, and public budgeting. A bachelor's degree in public administration enables graduates to pursue employment with nonprofit organizations, government agencies, and other institutions that serve the public.

Political Science, Environmental Politics and Policy Concentration, B.A.
This concentration addresses the key issues associated with environmental politics and policy, such as the scope of environmental problems, the impacts of science, economics and politics on shaping and reshaping environmental policy, and the complex dynamics of environmental policymaking, etc.

Political Science, Public Safety Administration Concentration, B.A.
This concentration addresses effective leadership and the collaboration between public safety disciplines and provides students with a solution-centered approach to public safety. EPT 100-499 courses taken from other institutions are accepted in the program.

What can you do with a degree in Political Science?

Campaign Worker, City Manager, Journalist, Intelligence Agent, Human Resources Specialist, Policy Analyst, Teacher, Politician, Political Consultant, Urban Policy Planner, Legal Investigator, Parole/Probation Officer, Lawyer, Paralegal, Lobbyist, Consumer Advocate

Political Science Pride Points:

  1. Graduates go on to attend graduate and law school
  2. Faculty members edit International Journals
  3. Faculty conduct research, write/publish articles and make conference presentations at the local, state, national and international level.
As an out of state student a major draw I considered was the low cost of tuition, as compared to the other universities where I was accepted.
Linstrum Terry
Political Science Major
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Expand Your World View:

Students have the opportunity to learn from a world class, diverse set of faculty members, each making significant contributions to their discipline and community.

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Political Science, B.A. 
Political Science, Environmental Politics and Policy Concentration, B.A.  
Political Science, Public Administration Concentration, B.A. 
Political Science, Public Safety and Administration Concentration, B.A. 

Political Science
Public Administration

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