Sustainability (Minor)

This is an interdisciplinary program and makes it possible for students to integrate social, economic and environmental concepts of sustainability into the undergraduate course studies.

This minor is designed for students to:

  • Integrate the knowledge and skills drawn from several disciplines.
  • Recognize sustainability's essential elements and their relations. ·        
  • Promote sustainable communities on and beyond the University campus. ·        
  • Analyze how sustainability applies to their major, chosen career path, and everyday life, and          
  • Apply scientific expertise to create solutions to contribute sustainable development at local, national and global levels.

Why Choose Sustainability?

Students in any majors can incorporate sustainability as an important theme in their undergraduate degree programs, and develop the knowledge, skills, and ethics to become sustainability leaders in their respective fields.

What Will You Learn?

Taking the sustainability minor, students will learn multiple great concepts and applications of sustainability in a variety of courses, such as introduction to sustainability, environmental ethics, sustainable justice, sustainable leadership, international organization, and the like. For more information, please visit the catalog.

What Will You Do?

Sustainability is interdisciplinary and thus will well complement your major degree in a multiple other disciplines. As a result, you can pursue your career in clean energy, technology, education, management, political science, business, and more to become chief sustainability executive, natural science manager, general and operations manager, chemical engineer, industrial production manager, environmental engineer, civil engineer, health and safety engineer, industrial engineer, and others.