Protection of Minors on Campus

1300.10 Policy on Protection of Minors on Campus

The purpose of the Protection of Minors on Campus policy is to establish standards and procedures which provide appropriate protection and supervision of minors participating in University-sponsored activities and programs operated by third-parties who use Fayetteville State University property and facilities.

Covered Programs include, but are not limited to: academic camps, athletic camps, and other enrichment programs, whether daytime only or overnight programs.

Covered Programs do not generally include

  • externally sponsored field trips or visits that bring minors on to University property;
  • programs or events that are not focused on minors as the targeted audience and are open to the general public, such as concerts or theatrical performances;
  • or programs designed exclusively for students enrolled or matriculated at Fayetteville State University.

For the purpose of this policy, minors are defined as individuals who are younger than 18 years of age and are participating in a covered program.

All Covered Programs must be registered and approved by Fayetteville State University prior to the initiation of the program or activity.  All programs continuously or periodically operating must be re-registered and approved at least annually.