Computer Science (BS)

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FSU’s online degree completion programs allow you to complete your upper-division (junior and senior level) courses online. To be admitted to an ODC program, you must already have completed the University College Core Curriculum (General Education Requirements) or be dual enrolled with a partnering community college. A partnering community college is a community college in which there is a signed articulation agreement between FSU and the community college.

In the last quarter of a century, advances in computer science technologies have been enormously rapid, and computers have had a profound transforming impact on our modern society.

Join distinguished Computer Science faculty to work on cutting edge research topics that will give you the tools necessary to excel in your career. Under the guidance of Computer Science faculty and with cooperation with the industry, you can study solutions for networking, cybersecurity, robotics, artificial intelligence and machine learning. There is a tremendous power to be able to utilize computers to their fullest.

The Bachelor of Science in Computer Science program in our department is accredited by CAC/ABET (the Computing Accreditation Commission of ABET, Inc). See for the detail of CAC/ABET. It has been ranked #9 for the Best Affordable Computer Science Degree by University HQ, check here for details.

For the detailed program requirements, please refer to the Computer Science (BS) Curriculum.

Why Choose Computer Science?

The whole digital world is built by computer science professionals

In this Digital Age, it is computer science professionals who build the websites and electronic devices we are using every day. They theorize, design, and develop the software and hardware to make our life fancy and convenient.

Computer professionals are demanded in every type of industry

Every industry uses computers so naturally that you can find computer professionals in any type of industry. Problems in science, engineering, health care, and so many other areas can be solved by computers.

Have a Rewarding Career

There are huge openings for computer professionals on job market. Compared to other jobs, computer science professionals have a great flexibility and highly competitive salary.

You can also choose the dual degree program in collaboration with North Carolina State University Engineering 3+2 Program.

What Will You Learn?

You will have the theoretical and applied preparation how to write programs across many exciting applications:

  • Building web applications
  • Processing, modeling and visualization of large datasets
  • Creating modern system with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Defending computing networks against cyber attacks
  • Programming geographic information systems

What Will You Do?

On graduating from Computer Science program, you will have many choices in your future career.