Data Science (Minor)

Data science is an area that combines scientific thinking, statistical knowledge, and programming skills to manage and analyze data so that you can communicating effectively with meaningful conclusions obtained from data that are encountered in various areas, such as, humanities, social, and natural sciences.

An undergraduate minor in data science is likely the best path to take to supplement your major field with analytical/technical skills. The program requires 15 credit hours.

For the detailed program requirements, please refer to the Data Science (Minor) Curriculum.

Why Choose Data Science Minor Program?

The undergraduate data science minor program enhances your ability to analyze data. Anyone who is interested in learning practical statistical data analytic methods to understand knowledge related to their major field of interest are welcome to pursuit the data science minor program.

What Will You Learn?

  • Apply critical programming skills related to data science.
  • Assess, transform, and manipulate data.
  • Perform exploratory data analysis and visualize data.
  • Build and assess data-driven predictive models.
  • Communicate and present effectively data analysis results
  • Design and implement efficient data driven solutions to real world problems.

What Will You Do?

Nowadays, almost all fields involve an increased amount of data analysis. Attaining an undergraduate data science minor would expand the students' future job prospects in various disciplines.