Temporary Employment

Fayetteville State University employment unit provides consultation and talent management for permanent, temporary and student positions. The Employment unit works closely with management to ensure that fair hiring practices are implemented, resulting in a diverse and well-qualified workforce at each level of employment within the university. We strive to be a business partner that is committed to hiring faculty and staff who wish to make a difference through higher education.

FSU temporary positions are offered in a variety of occupations! The types of temporary staffing we provide include administrative support staff, student support associates, housekeepers and more. Positions vary in length from several days to several months and we offer part-time and full-time schedules. Please visit jobs.uncfsu.edu to browse vacancies and apply to jobs.

Temporary Employment Policy
  • All temporary employees must take a 31-day break from service after 11 months of continuous employment. Temporary employees may work in an assignment for a period of 11 consecutive months or less, from the date of their first day worked. When temporary employees reach 11 consecutive months of service, the employee is required to take a 31-day break.
  • Temporary employees are not eligible to participate in any paid leave or paid time off programs, nor do they receive paid holidays.
  • Temporary SHRA employees are eligible to participate in the following benefit programs, tax-sheltered annuity [403(b)] and North Carolina 457(b) Deferred Compensation Plan. 
  • High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) through the State Health Plan of North Carolina: Non-permanent (Temporary) employees working an average of 30 (0.75 FTE) or more hours per week are eligible for coverage under this plan.

    Information about enrollment may be obtained from Benefits Services in the Office of Human Resources.

Onboarding Requirements

I-9 Work Authorization

As a condition of employment, orientation and clearance by the Office of Human Resources are required on or prior to beginning work.  

  • You will be required to provide documentation to verify your identity and authorization to work in the United States. Please review the List of Acceptable Documents provided on page 3 of the I-9 Form. You will need to bring in the documents you choose to use from the List of Acceptable Documents. NO PHOTOCOPIES OR SCANNED DOCUMENTS.
  • Bring your completed Form I-9 and accompanying identification(s) to the Human Resources Office located in the Barber Building Suite 05. If you need assistance with locating the office, please call (910) 672-1146. 

        What's Acceptable? 


Payroll Documentation Requirements

The Payroll Office is responsible for the administration of all FSU payrolls including tax reporting, web time entry, departmental time reporting, time approving, salary redistributions, salary overpayments, salary underpayments, as well as the many other facets of payroll accounting. 

New hires are required to enroll in direct deposit within 30 days.

  • Complete all of the provided direct deposit and tax forms that apply to you. 
  • Make copies of your voided check, savings account deposit slip, or bank form.
  • Please note the following for documentation for Non-Resident Aliens: Only if your status is Non-Resident Alien (Non-U.S. Citizens, please contact The Office of Human Resources to obtain and complete the NC4-NRA, NRA FNIF documents, and provide a photocopy of the documents requested on the form.

Bring your completed payroll documents to the Payroll Office located in the Barber Building Suite 06. Please contact the Payroll Office at 910-672-1093/1092 if you have payroll related questions. 


New Hire Checklist

The Office of Human Resources uses an electronic records system to complete new hire paperwork. Employees will be required to complete and sign all personnel documentation electronically. 

New hires will receive an email prior to the first day of employment that will provide instructions on completing their new hire checklist.

Parking Permit

All Fayetteville State University employees must register their vehicles and purchase a parking permit to utilize parking spaces on campus. A vehicle is considered registered only when valid FSU parking permit is displayed. Vehicles may be registered between the hours of 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday at the Department of Police and Public Safety located in the Mitchell Building, or by using the Online Vehicle Registration.

*Please note, all faculty and staff are required to present a valid driver’s license, valid vehicle insurance card and vehicle registration at the time of parking permit pick-up, even if you have registered the vehicle online.

Bronco One Card

The Bronco One Card is the official ID of Fayetteville State University. The Bronco One Card identifies you as being a member of the Fayetteville State University community, serving as an official identification card and much more. 

*Employees must be issued a Banner ID Number in order to request a Bronco One Card.*

Network Access

Network access is granted after all new hire onboarding requirements are met. Please follow up with your supervisor regarding Network Access or call 910-672-HELP/910-672-4357.

What's Next???

Reporting To Work

Your supervisor will contact you and welcome you to the Department and University. Your supervisor will also confirm your start date, the location you should report to, parking information, and who you will be meeting with on your first day.

Recording Your Hours Worked

All temporary employees are required to submit an electronic timesheet every two weeks using Self-Service Banner. Supervisors must review and approve all employees' time records prior to 5:00 pm on the Monday following the two-week reporting period.

*Fun Fact: To remember to submit your timesheet, add a reminder to your calendar to submit every 2 weeks no later than 9:00 am Monday morning.*

Temporary Employment FAQ's

1. Why would I hire a temporary employee for my department?
Fayetteville State University recognizes that departments have occasional needs for temporary personnel. Accordingly, departments may hire temporary employees to:

Substitute for regular employees on extended medical or family leave
Handle new or special programs, or excessive workload(s), on a short-term basis

2. When is a temporary employee allowed to begin work?
Temporary employees must not start work unless they have signed a temporary appointment letter with Human Resources. It is ILLEGAL for employees to start work without having their employment eligibility verified; and the university would be subject to fines. Employees must complete the I-9 Form with HR prior to starting work.

3. How many hours per week are temporary employees allowed to work?
All temporary (non-student) employees may work up to 40 hours. However, working more than 29 hours per week may result in benefits eligibility. Temporary employees are not eligible to work on an "Additional Compensation" (Extra Duty) contract.

4. What is a "Break in Service" for temporary employees?
All temporary employees must take a 31-Day break-in-service after 11 months of continuous employment (this is 31 consecutive unpaid calendar days). 

Please note:
Employees do not have to wait for the end of the 11 months to take their break
End date must be reflected on the hiring proposals
The new hiring proposal will have their return date as their start date

5. Are temporary employees required to submit timesheets?
Temporary employees must submit a timesheet based on FSU's time entry procedures and deadlines (not applicable for monthly/flat rate/one-time payments). All flat-rate employees will be paid the entire amount for the month, regardless of their start date of that month.

6. Do temporary employees accrue leave and considered to be leave earning employees?

Temporary employees do not accrue leave and are not considered leave earning employees.