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Designer Solicitation

Project Name: Fayetteville State University-Health and Physical Education Complex / Capel Arena Chiller Replacement

Closing Date:  August 23, 2019
Project Description: Fayetteville State University (FSU) is soliciting Qualification/ Proposal Statements from Architectural and Engineering firms to provide engineering design and construction administration services for a chiller replacement in FSU's 133,000 SF Health and Physical Education Complex (Capel Arena).  Design work may include but is not limited to the following: removal of existing equipment, preparation of existing mechanical space and installation of new equipment. Currently, the building is served by two (2) 200-ton chillers with a recently replaced roof mounted cooling tower.  This project will consist of replacing both chillers and necessary piping.  The project will build on the work of an existing design effort. Current project authority is for advance planning only.  The selected firm may be retained for full design and construction at the university's option.

Critical Selection Factors:  Interested firms can participate in the process by submitting a current SF 330 Form and addressing the following in a written proposal.  Please note that only one copy of the proposal is requested, and the length should be limited to twenty (20) pages (exclusive of the SF 330 Form).  Firms are requested to assure receipt of proposals at address listed below by 5:00PM, August 23, 2019.

1.       Firms' Background     

a.     Reputation b.    Technical competence/qualification c.     Experience with UNC System Mechanical projects d.    Experience with similar projects

2.       Past Performance

a.     Cost control b.    Quality of work c.     Time Control  

3.        Capacity to accomplish the work

a.     Present workload b.    Availability of qualified personnel c.     Professional qualification/experience  

4.       Project Approach

a.     Approaches to time schedule b.    Approaches to quality c.     Design approach/methodology  
5.       Recent experience with project cost estimates and schedule adherence

6.       Cultural Match

7.       Construction administration capabilities

Designer Selection Process:  Following the receipt of qualifications, a University Interview Committee will shortlist, interview and make a recommendation of selection to the University Board of Trustees. 

Proposal Submittal:  All project submittals are to be directed to the Individual and Address below:

Fayetteville State University

Attn: Harold Miller 1200 Murchison Road Fayetteville, NC 28301


Harold Miller, Director of Planning and Construction

Facilities Management, Planning and Construction    

 910-672-1952 office, 910-703-7669 cell  

All clarifications and questions should be submitted in writing to: The final day for the receipt of questions shall be before 5:00 PM on August 15, 2019. All questions shall be answered via email by 5:00 PM on August 19, 2019. 

Statement of Qualifications Content
Please provide the information requested below: 

Company Information:

·         Name of firm

·         Complete address

·         Contact person

·         Telephone number

·         Website Address

·         E-mail address 

General Statement of Qualifications that responds to the project background information given above. As this project will consist of renovations to an existing building on the campus of a UNC System facility, please list and photographically document any experience with similar projects:

·         Names of Projects

·         Dates of construction

·         Scope of work

·         Size of projects

·         Any challenges that were overcome during the design/construction process.

·         Provide information to support experience with design of mechanical projects.

·         Please highlight any experience that includes the designing of mechanical projects. 


·         List the professional and support positions and number of personnel in each position.

·         Provide an organizational chart, including resumes of all personnel who would be committed to this project. Provide specific information as to their experience on mechanical projects, similar to this one.

·         For the project manager, project architects/ engineers, and construction administrators identified as part of the project team, provide the name and phone number of clients with whom the architect/engineer has worked on a similar building project.

·         List professional consultants outside your firm whom you propose would provide services not available in your firm. Provide specific information documenting their work on similar mechanical projects.

·         Please submit an Hourly Rate Schedule for personnel that will be working on the project.  

Legal Concerns / Insurance Coverage

  • Explain the circumstances and outcome of any litigation, arbitration, or claims filed against your company. 
Commissioning Solicitation

None at this time 

Bid Solicitation

None at this time.

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