Emergency Notification

Fayetteville State University's Office of Emergency Management is tasked with creating a culture of emergency preparedness and response across the University. OEM is responsible for coordinating a comprehensive, all-hazards approach through all cycles of an emergency - preparedness, response, recovery and mitigation.

The university will operate under a normal schedule on Friday, October 12.

Condition 2

Due to inclement weather associated with Hurricane Michael,  the following weather-related information is being issued for Fayetteville State University:

The University will operate under Condition 2: Suspended Operations, beginning at midnight tonight and continuing until 11:59 p.m., on Thursday, October 11, 2018.  The University will be open on a very limited basis with only mandatory operations functioning. Non-mandatory employees must not report to work.

All classes will be cancelled on Thursday, October 11.

It is important to note that under Condition 2, university employees are required to account for their time by using compensatory time, annual and/or bonus leave or leave without pay.  Please consult the university's Adverse Weather and Emergency Events policy for further information on the conditions.

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Conditions Information
Condition 1
Reduced Operations - University is open

The University is open, but due to weather or emergency events, travel to or from campus, or conditions on campus, may negatively affect campus operations. Employees should report to work if possible or otherwise use their available paid leave.

Classes are in session and the University is open, but some operations may be reduced.

Condition 2
Suspended Operations – University is open for mandatory operations

The University has suspended all but mandatory operations due to severe weather or emergency events. Non- mandatory employees must not report to or remain at work.

Classes are cancelled, and the University is open on a very limited basis with only mandatory operations functioning. 

Condition 3
Closure – University is closed

The University is closed due to the most severe situations, and all but the most critical mandatory operations have been shut down. All but the most critical employees must not report to or remain at work. Employees will be paid for the closure time and will not be required to use their available paid leave or make up the time. 

Classes are cancelled, and the University is closed.