Bronco Finish Line Grant

The Bronco Finish Line Grant is offered by invitation only to select students based on credit hours earned and with demonstrated financial need. The deadline to participate in the study for the Spring 2021 semester is November 29, 2020.

Amount of Grant

The Bronco Finish Line Grant Program provides a one-time grant award of $1,500. The deadline to accept the financial aid award offer for the Spring 2021 semester is January 4, 2021.

Award Timeline

Selected students will be notified of the grant offer and acceptance requirements by email and mail. Student who accept the grant will receive the award on their student account prior to the end of the late registration period in the semester the grant award if made.



Bronco Finish Line Grant Future-Building Activities

Students awarded a Bronco Finish Line Grant must agree to participate in two activities designed to help you become more successful in your future career. These activities should be completed by March 12, 2021. Provided below is a description of the activities from which awarded students can choose to meet grant requirements:

Option 1: Complete a Degree Evaluation

Your degree evaluation will describe which courses you will need to take to ensure you will be able to complete your degree in the appropriate amount of time.

  • Create your degree evaluation plan using CAPP or Degree Works (Degree Works available for degree evaluation for those entering FSU the Fall of 2016 or after). Both CAPP and Degree Works are available on MyBronco Portal.
  • Review your degree plan with your advisor (via phone, email, or personal meeting).
  • Confirm with your academic advisor that your plan is feasible and comprehensive. Ask your advisor to either sign the degree plan from or to send you an email confirmation that the plan meets FSU requirements for graduation in your major.
  • Proof of completion: Email a picture/scan of the completed plan signed by your academic advisor to, or forward the advisor’s email confirming that the plan meets graduation requirements to


Planning for Your Future - University Career Center Programs

Option 2: Have your resume approved


Option 3: Attend a career fair, employer information session, or career preparation workshop event.

  • Typical career preparation workshop topics may include resume writing, interview skills, professional attire, and job search skills.
  • Online students may also review video tutorials available through the Optimal Resume tool referenced above.
  • Proof of completion for campus events: Sign in at the entrance of the career fair or information session and we will confirm attendance with Career Services.
  • Proof of completion for Optimal Resume: review at least 2 brief tutorials and provide a screen shot of your computer screen showing the closing screen of the tutorial and showing the time and date on your computer screen.


Option 4: Do a Mock Interview

Option 5: Financial Literacy

Participate in GradReady to learn effective ways to save, spend, and budget your money both in college and after graduation.

  • Proof of completion: by March 12, 2021.



Next Steps if you have been selected to receive the Bronco Finish Line Grant

Decide which two of the activities above you will complete.

  • Submit the Bronco Finish Line Grant participation form by December 15, 2020.
  • Complete your two activities by March 12, 2021.
  • Submit documented proof that you completed the activities to: Carolyn Ortiz,, 910.672.1393.
  • Documented proof can be a screen shot of the completed program or a photo/scan of your resume/completion plan/meeting notes signed by the career center representative.